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Get information on state owned facilities like the Capitol Complex and Carnahan Garden. Also obtain general information on topics like building closures, concealed weapons, security, flag display, housekeeping and conference room scheduling.

Project Management

Architects, engineers, contractors, construction project vendors, etc. State agencies can get information and forms related to design and construction projects.

Real Estate Services

The Real Estate Services Section handles leased property for the State. Information is available for both tenants and those leasing property and facilities to the State.

Energy Management

It has come to the attention of the Missouri Office of Administration... more

Vendor Links

Links to information for facilities vendors targeting architects, engineers, contractors, construction management, janitorial services, leased properties, and maintenance companies.

Bid Opportunities

Links to bid opportunities and information on construction management, janitorial services, leased properties, and maintenance services.

FMDC Statewide Contracts

View current statewide contracts issued by the Office of Administration, Division of Facilities Management, Design & Construction.


About Facilities Management, Design & Construction (FMDC)

The division provides professional asset management services to assist state entities in meeting their facility needs for the benefit of the public. These services include: Real Estate Services, Portfolio Management, Facility Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Contract Management, Facility Condition Assessment, Space Management, Space Standards, Statewide Master Plan and Energy Management. The mission is to provide a superior workplace environment for state occupants and their visitors and protect the State's investments in property assets. The goal is to provide agencies with the information and resources that will support their development of high-performance workplaces--workplaces that will meet agencies' business needs and can be readily adapted to changing work practices and strategies.

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