Concealed Weapons and State Offices

Questions and Answers

Q: Hasn’t it been against the law to bring weapons into state offices?
A: Yes it has been. Section 571.030, RSMo made it a crime to carry a firearm or any other weapon into any building owned or occupied by any agency of state government.

Q: Why is carrying guns an issue now?
A: The General Assembly passed legislation (SS HS HCS HB 349, 120, 136, and 328) allowing concealed firearms. Under the new law that went into effect October 11, 2004, qualified individuals would be allowed to carry weapons.

Q: What is being done to keep state offices safe?
A: Amendments to the Office of Administration, Division of Facilities Management’s Code of State Regulations (1CSR 35-1.050, and 1CSR 35-2.030) prohibit concealed weapons in state owned and leased buildings.

Q: What will these new rules do?
A: The emergency rules preserve the prohibition against carrying firearms or any other weapon into state facilities. Weapons are not allowed in state owned or leased facilities.

Q: Will these rules apply to all state buildings?
A: They will apply to all state owned buildings titled in the name of the Governor and all facilities leased through the Office of Administration for state agencies throughout the state. The Department of Conservation, and the Department of Transportation have been encouraged to consider similar prohibitions.

Q: Do these rules apply to everyone?
A: Exceptions are provided for law enforcement officers and other specific public officials acting in their official capacities, e.g., probation and parole officers, wardens and superintendents of prisons, members of the national guard, persons with judicial authority, members of the General Assembly, etc.

Q: If I work in a state owned or leased building and I have a concealed carry endorsement, can I carry a concealed weapon while on the job?
A: Unless you are a law enforcement officer or other specified public official acting in official capacity, you are prohibited from carrying a weapon into a state owned or leased building even if you have a concealed carry endorsement. Doing so would subject you to disciplinary action.

Q: The general public comes into a lot of state offices. How will they know about this rule that weapons are prohibited?
A: In addition to press announcements, signs saying that weapons are prohibited will be posted in state owned and leased facilities that have public access. The Division of Facilities Management is coordinating the signage.

Q: What will people who have a concealed carry endorsement under the new concealed carry law be able to do with their firearm when they come to state buildings?
A: They can keep it in a vehicle in the parking area of state owned or leased premises so long as the firearm is not removed from the vehicle or brandished while the vehicle is on the premises.

Q: What do we do if we notice a person carrying a weapon in a place where it is prohibited?
A: If there is no immediate risk of harm or threat to safety, the person can be asked to leave the premises. If the person refuses to leave the premises or if there is immediate risk of harm or threat to safety, a peace officer should be summoned.

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