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Fleet Information System


Fleet Information System Logon

The State Fleet Information System is a web-based system that tracks basic vehicle information, utilization data and operational costs such as fuel, maintenance and repairs for licensed state vehicles.

System Security

Agencies may request access to the State Fleet Information System by completing the Security Request Form . Employees must have a valid mainframe or RACF id. User access to the system can be limited in the following manner:

    • Update (Level 2) allows a user to add/change/delete data for the SAM II agency/organization codes designated on the user security form
      • Level 2 with a Driver (D) designation allows the user to view and modify fleet driver records for any employee assigned to their agency.  Users with this designation do not have access to other agency driver data.  Access to the driver screens is based on the SAM II agency code and does not extend to SAM II organization codes.
      • Level 2 with a Repair Request (R) designation allows the user to initiate online repair requests for the OA Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Jefferson City. Employees with Level 2 access can have both the D and R designations to update drivers and initiate repair requests.
    • Inquiry Only (Level 3) allows a user to view all vehicle related data in the fleet system for all agencies.
      • Level 3 with a Driver (D) designation allows the user to view fleet driver records for their agency only.   Users with this designation do not have access to other agency driver data.
      • SAM II AGENCY AND ORGANIZATION NUMBERS RESTRICTIONS.  Employees with Level 2 Update access may have access to their agency as a whole or it can be limited to a specific organization code(s).  Agency may also give the employee access to the organization codes that report to a particular organization code.  For example, an agency could limit an employee's access to edit data to a particular division by setting security for the highest level org for the division but allow the employee to edit data for any vehicle assignment reporting to the designated organization code.

Agency Cost for the Use of the System

The Office of Administration, Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) developed this system in house so there is no cost to user agencies for system development, annual maintenance or software licenses. Agencies are billed monthly for minimal data center charges associated with user transactions in the system. Charges appear on data center billings under the DB2 line charge. User charges are billed according to the account established for each user. Agencies are responsible for establishing billing information with ITSD.

Technical Requirements to Access the System

  • This is a web-based system. Users will access a logon screen directly from the Fleet Management website.  The web browser must be Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and the site must be put into compatibility view.
  • The user must be able to access private network resources including the mainframe.  Locations using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) must have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client established through the Office of Administration, Information Technology Services Division. For questions or more information on establishing a VPN connection, submit a helpdesk ticket via: under the following:
    • Agency:  Enterprise Network
    • Location:  Enterprise Network
    • Category:  VPN
    • Subcategory:  Add/Delete User ID
  • Desktop settings should be set to smaller fonts.  800 x 600 pixels or 1024 x 768 pixels are recommended based on how much of the screen you want to view at any one time.

Reporting Deadlines

Agencies must update vehicle records, utilization and cost information on a monthly basis.  All data should be entered by the last day of the following month.

Table Values

Listed below are the table values to be used in the Fleet Information System. Agencies may submit suggested changes or additions to Cindy Dixon at

System Reports

Standard reports can be accessed through MOBIUS or WebMOBIUS. State Fleet Management will not distribute paper reports.

To view the fleet standard reports, you must have a mainframe id. Security requests must be submitted through the State Fleet Manager.

Adhoc Reporting

State agencies are able to access tables in the Fleet Information System for adhoc reporting purposes. Agencies must request security for specific users to access the tables. Users must have a mainframe id. These request should be sent to the State Fleet Manager. Agencies can use their own adhoc reporting software such as Focus, DB2 Connect, Access, etc. Information technology staff will have to configure individual workstations to access the fleet tables.