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State Surplus Property Program


The State Surplus Property Division handles all surplus property (property that is no longer wanted or being used; i.e., desks, chairs, electronics, vehicles, etc.) from state agencies located throughout Missouri. 

Once a state agency has determined an item is no longer of use, they report it to MOSASP for a determination of whether the item has value and can be sold or if it has served its usefulness and can be disposed of. Any item of value is auctioned off on the GovDeals auction website, with MOSASP admin fee and the remaining proceeds returning to the state fund that paid for the item. If determined to be of no value, is granted Local Disposal. Once granted Local Disposal, an item can then be recycled or disposed of in a dumpster.

GovDeals auction site can be accessed by anyone with a subscription. People from all over the world have bid on and won lots auctioned off by the State Surplus Property Division. 

We also host a Bison Auction once a year at Prairie State Park in Mindenmines, Missouri. The bison are purchased for breeding or consumption.

Electronic SS1​

Agency Login for Electronic SS1 Forms (Web Data software will be down 30 to 45 days and look for Version 2.0 coming in the near future)

Purchasing Committee Web Data Presentation (12/13/18) - Electronic SS1

Email to be notified about upcoming electronic SS1 training provided via WebEx.​


(SS1) Report of State Owned Surplus Property

(SS2) Redistribution Authorization

SS1 Attachments for Online Sales



MOREuse is your state agency reuse resource. Does your agency have items they no longer need, or are you looking for items on a limited or nonexistent budget? MOREuse can help! MOREuse is a web-based application to facilitate disposal of state surplus property. 

Property posted or exchanged on MOREuse is for state agency use only. Property is not available to state employees for private use, and may not be donated or sold to any outside agency or individual. The MOREuse application should be accessed through Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. Visit to log in!

Local Disposal Information

Local Disposal

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for State Agencies' Surplus Property

On-Line Sales Procedures

State Surplus Frequently Asked Questions