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Statewide IT Consulting Contract


The Statewide IT Consulting Contract, officially known as the IT Consulting Services – Qualified Provider List, is used by state agencies to obtain services from ten vendors that have been awarded the contract.

Services that may be obtained through the contract include:

  • Project management and project oversight
  • Technical architecture assistance
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • Business Analysis
  • Application and Web Development
  • Data Management
  • Information Security

How to Obtain Services Through the Contract

Services are obtained through the contract by utilizing the Project Assessment Quotation (PAQ) process that allows the ten vendors that have been awarded the contract to compete for projects by responding to PAQs. Following is a summary of the process:

  1. The project manager should complete a PAQ request for the project that includes well defined deliverables that determine the scope of the project. The PAQ request is sent to all ten vendors.
  2. Vendors on the contract should submit firm, fixed price PAQ responses within the response deadline specified by the PAQ.
  3. PAQ responses are evaluated by the state agency's evaluation teams.
  4. Award of the PAQ is made to the vendor with the PAQ response that was evaluated most highly. Awarded vendor receives authorization to proceed.
  5. Upon completion of the work, the state shall formally accept or reject the components of the PAQ. If accepted, final compensation shall be paid to the vendor.

For more information about the PAQ process, refer to the Statewide IT Consulting Contract or contact the Project Management Oversight Office.

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