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Initiatives & Projects


ITSD has many initiatives and projects underway at all times. These initiatives and projects help state agencies fulfill their important missions and meet strategic objectives. Below are links to more information on some of ITSD’s most important projects and initiatives:

Project Selection

ITSD’s 7 Core Goals serve to guide us as we make business decisions with our customers about which initiatives and projects to execute. 

GOAL 1: Effective Customer Relationship, Case & Program Management

Deploy technologies and systems to allow state agencies to manage their programs, cases and relationships with customers in the most effective manner.

GOAL 2: Productivity & Efficiency in Government Operations

Increase the productivity of state employees and create efficiencies that reduce the cost of government operations.

GOAL 3: Citizen Access to Services, Information & Data

Allow citizens to access government services, information, and data from anywhere and at any time, whenever appropriate.

GOAL 4: Risk Management

Ensure that the risks of negative outcomes are within tolerable limits.

GOAL 5: Infrastructure

Develop and maintain the IT Infrastructure that enables, not hinders, the strategic plans and tactics of state government.

GOAL 6: Governance

Create, maintain and employ the processes to ensure that IT resources will be used to meet the State’s goals in an effective and efficient manner.

GOAL 7: Workforce

Maintain a diverse workforce of IT professionals and vendor partners that are able to deliver critical IT services to citizens and state agencies in a timely fashion.