MO Project: Contextual Branding

Application Domain


The Application Domain defines the roles, policies, standards, and application development methodologies required to support the various custom and purchased applications throughout the State. Disciplines for this domain cover the automation of the workforce, promote group productivity, and provide a set of reusable application components.


Application Engineering

Defines roles, development methodologies, technology standards, and technologies that define how applications are designed and how they cooperate. It defines how those applications are documented and maintained. The Application Engineering discipline provides criteria, approved methodologies, and technologies that optimize the use and reuse of application components. The domain includes strategies for the retention of legacy knowledge and the phase out or upgrade of legacy systems.

Technology Areas

  • Business Rules
  • Coding Standards
  • Component Object Repositories
  • Custom Systems
  • Development Tools
  • Enterprise-wide applications (ex: Electronic Payment Applications, Electronic Benefits Applications, etc.)
  • N-Tiered Architecture

Electronic Collaboration

Defines the roles, standards and infrastructure components that facilitate the interaction of the workforce and promote group productivity. These include e-mail, directory services, and other person-to-person or group collaboration tools.

Technology Areas

  • Email
  • Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Messenger services
  • Workgroups
  • Messaging Boards
  • Chat rooms