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Architecture Framework


Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Executive Summary

The Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture (MAEA) Manual presents the guidance and approach for development and administration of the Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture as well as information that defines the individual domain architectures and thus the Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture. The manual presents this  information in three parts containing multiple chapters. Only the chapters approved by the Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) appear on this website.

  • Part 1 - Architecture Administration
  • Part 2 - Architecture Processes & Templates
  • Part 3 – Appendices

Part 1 - Architecture Administration provides the introduction to Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture, defines architecture, Architecture Governance, organizational roles and responsibilities, and introduces architectural processes. In addition, Part 1 provides the enterprise-level business drivers, principles, best practices, and technology trends developed by the State to support the Enterprise Architecture effort.

Part 2 - Architecture Processes & Templates describes the on-going processes focused on building and maintaining a statewide Enterprise Architecture. It introduces the process models that serve as the basis for documenting the Architecture Blueprint and allow the State to continually evaluate and integrate appropriate technologies to best serve the business of state government and the citizens of Missouri. Part II also includes the Architecture Blueprint-specific templates, which define the Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture, as well as descriptions of the expected content and the process for consistently documenting the Architecture Blueprint.

Part 3 - Appendices contains a glossary of acronyms, glossary of terms, architecture education approach with an overview, syllabus and presentation slides for each of the educational sessions, a breakdown of domains and disciplines, a repository management overview and procedures for the domain committees, a component evaluation workbook and enterprise architecture resources.