MO Project: Contextual Branding

Interface Domain


The Interface Domain defines the roles, technologies, standards, and policies necessary to interface with the service and information assets of the state. The disciplines under this domain deal with the consistent and user-friendly presentation, the access delivery channels, and providing equal access solutions to accommodate all users.



Defines the roles, standards, and decision-making criteria for the acquisition and deployment of the components that perform the systematic process of presenting, collecting, and delivering information in a way that provides internal, as well as external users easy access to information and processes (i.e. websites, search engines, telecommunication, electronic transactions {EDI, FTP, and XML}). Additionally, the Access discipline defines the components that provide capabilities for capturing site traffic information and analyzing service utilization data to provide additional service options.

Technology Areas

  • Electronic Transactions (EDI, FTP, and XML)
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Traditional Application Screens
  • Web Access Devices


Defines the roles, policies, standards and technologies as they apply to tool sets used to facilitate the accessing of information and services by disabled citizens, assuring equal access to electronic technology and automated systems for all citizens.

Technology Areas

  • Section 508 Federal Standards
  • Accessibility Education
  • Missouri IT Accessibility Standards


Defines the roles, standards, and technologies utilized in creating the "look and feel" for government web sites and portals.

Technology Areas

  • Common Elements
  • Search Engines
  • Standards
  • Usability
  • Web Portal