Apply for a Merit System Job


The first step to be considered for employment by an agency using the Merit System is to complete and submit an Application for Employment. 

When you apply for a job with a Merit System agency, it is important that you:

  • Visit the State of Missouri Merit Registers page to view the list of job classes for which the Division of Personnel is currently accepting on-line or paper applications.
  • Select the job classification for which you are interested.
  • Review the information carefully, including the minimum qualifications, exam components, closing dates (if applicable), and application procedures.
  • Follow the appropriate application process for the job class for which you are applying (i.e., "On-Line Application" or "Paper Application").  Access to important information is necessary for successful completion of the application (i.e. transcripts, current and past work histories, DD214 and/or NGB form 22, licenses, certificates, etc.)

Once you have completed the appropriate application process, selected and applied for a job classification, been determined eligible, and taken any applicable examinations, your name may be placed on a register.  Names of qualified applicants are added to the register in grade order.  As vacancies occur, a listing of names (certificate) will be pulled from the register based upon criteria supplied by the hiring agency.

Information regarding job opportunities within non-Merit agencies can be accessed at the following link: