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Electronic Application System (EASe) - FAQ's


Are You Sure You're Eligible?

Before applying for a position, you are encouraged to review the minimum requirements described in the job posting.

Additionally, the terms provided below are to assist you in assessing your eligibility.  These terms should be used as a general guide. 

1 year = 2080 hours of work experience (52 weeks x 40 hours per week).

Professional = Experience gained after earning a Bachelor’s or higher-level degree and/or through experience involving independence of action and decision making, depth of analysis, and accountability for outcomes.

Technical = Experience gained after receiving specialized training in college, technical school, or special courses, and/or through experience and training which provides skill and practical knowledge used in a specific field or profession.

Supervisory = An employee who may or may not perform the same or similar duties as other employees in his/her work group, and who is permanently assigned responsibility by management to participate in all of the following functions with respect to their subordinate employees; selecting staff, training and development, planning and assignment of work, evaluating and addressing performance, and approving leave/absences. Participation in these functions requires the exercise of individual judgment.

Lead = An employee who performs the same or similar duties as other employees in his/her work group and has the designated responsibility to regularly assign, instruct, and check the work of those employees on an ongoing basis.

Skilled = Experience in performing complex and/or specialized jobs independently and with a high level of skill.

Semi-Skilled = Experience in performing jobs requiring a limited level of skill. 

General & Technical Information About EASe

1. What is EASe?

EASe stands for Electronic Application System.  It is the online application utilized by the State of Missouri for some employment opportunities in State agencies. 

2. Do I need a password to use EASe?

Yes.  The password is used to ensure access to the on-line application and will provide security for your personal information. 

3. What happens if I forget my password?

On the Logon screen, click on the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the instructions provided.

4. Do I need an email address to use EASe?

Yes.  You must have an email address to receive your online application results and any related correspondence from the Division of Personnel.  If you do not have an email address, the EASe application includes information on acquiring a free email address. 

5. How do I change my email address?

After you logon to EASe, click on “Quick Links,” select “Change Email,” and then follow the instructions provided.

6. What happens if the Division of Personnel does not have a valid email address to contact me?

All communication regarding the EASe application will be sent by email.  Failure to maintain a correct email address may exclude you from consideration.

7. How often can I update my personal information in EASe?

You can update your personal information as often as needed.

8. I registered to use EASe, but do not have time right now to enter the data required for all steps. Can I logoff and return to enter the rest of my information later?

Yes. If you successfully registered, the information you provided is saved so you don't have to register again.

9. Will all the information I place in EASe be saved if I exit EASe before I complete all steps?

Yes, as long as you click “Save” at the completion of your current page before exiting the application.

10. What happens if I click “I do not agree to the terms and conditions of EASe application?”

Your application will not be submitted for processing; however, the information you provided will be retained in the event you wish to apply for other jobs.

11. How do I change my password?

After you logon to EASe, click on “Quick Links,” select “Change Password,” and then follow the instructions provided.

If you cannot logon because you do not remember the email address associated with your application, please contact the Division of Personnel at or (573) 751-4162 for assistance.

12. Pop-Up Blockers and Compatibility Settings

The functionality of EASe requires that pop-up blockers be turned off. It is suggested that you always allow pop-ups from the online application website

EASe should not be used in compatibility view. To address this, Internet Explorer (IE) users can click “Tools” on the menu bar and then select “Compatibility View Settings.” On the pop-up that is displayed, uncheck the “Display all websites in compatibility view” box at the bottom of the window OR remove or as a website to be shown in compatibility view.

13. Screen Readers

If using a screen reader, javascript must be turned on. Click here for instructions on how to enable (activate) JavaScript in your web browser:

JAWS users: To access Quick Links please follow these steps:

  1. Tab to “Quick Links”
  2. Route JAWS to PC
  3. Press “Tab” to navigate the links in the menu

Eligibility And Recruitment

1. How is eligibility determined for a job class?

Your answers to specific questions within the on-line application process allow you to self-assess if you possess the minimum education and experience required for the specific job class.

2. I previously noticed a job class listed on-line and now that job class is no longer listed. What happened?

Job classes are generally opened for recruitment for a limited amount of time.  Most likely, recruitment for the job class closed since the last time you visited the on-line application. 

3. How often can I reapply for a job class?

If you have applied and been determined ineligible for a job class, you may re-apply for such class one day later if applications are still being accepted.

 If you have applied and been determined eligible, you must wait at least 3 calendar months from the date your name was added to the register before re-applying for the job title.

Specialty Codes

1. What is a specialty code?

Agencies may identify specialized education and/or experience requirements in some positions within certain job classes.  These areas of specialization appear in the Assessment portion of the EASe application.  Applicants should review the specialty requirements, determine whether the areas of specialization apply to them, and claim the applicable specialties.  


1. How do I change my availability?

Logon to your EASe application and under Quick Links find Review Active Register(s)/Review Availability. Next, you will select the job classification for which you want to change your availability and make those updates.  Be sure to use the Save Changes button when finished.