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The Management and Application Information Resource System (MAIRS)


The Management and Applicant Information Resources System (MAIRS) is an automated applicant tracking system which stores the names of applicants for Merit System positions on registers. MAIRS provides employees in the Division of Personnel and HR staff in the Merit System agencies with access to this information about job applicants. Agency HR staff can instantly receive names of applicants from a register using MAIRS and then proceed with filling their position vacancies.

A complete history of an applicant's eligibility, scheduling, testing, register additions and certification is maintained electronically in the system. Online data includes class titles specialty codes, pay information, exam components and job announcement information. Another feature of MAIRS is the ability to generate reports of hiring activity for Merit System positions.

Implemented in August of 1997, MAIRS was developed by the Office of Administration with advisory input from agency users. It speeds up processing and readily provides information for the Division of Personnel and for the agencies. Presently, there are over 40 users of MAIRS in the Division of Personnel and over 380 state agency users. Only state employees whose job requires the need to view MAIRS information are allowed access.

As applicants apply for Merit System positions using the Electronic Application System (EASe), information concerning their eligibility and availability for Merit System positions is maintained in MAIRS.