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Awarded Bid & Contract Document Search


Important Information about this system – updated December 15, 2015


This system provides access to public record information regarding State of Missouri contracts, bid/solicitation documents, bid abstracts, bid correspondence, and other related documents. The system includes documents for only the Office of Administration, Division of Purchasing bids and contracts.

Our Department migrated documents from an Oracle based system to On-Base. Because of the migration, all bids awarded before June 13, 2015 will be retrieved using the Contract and Bid Search (Pre 2015) in the drop down box; and all bids awarded after June 12, 2015 and any newly awarded bids will be under the search titled Contract and Bid Search in the drop down box.

Our new system has been updated to include the following 

  • All browsers are compatible;
  • You may do searches using a wild card (*) before and after the text you enter;
  • You may search by bid number, contract number, vendor name or description of bid;
  • Instructions are available for explanations of custom searches by downloading the Search & Retrieval Instructions
  • Documents are rendered as PDF documents, so they can be saved, printed or e-mailed;
  • After 15 minutes of inactivity after entering the system, you may be automatically logged out;
  • To log out of the system, close out of the program.

For your reference, download the Search & Retrieval Instructions and the list of Document Types. The Document Types will help you to decide what documents you wish to view and/or print from our system.

Search & Retrieval Instructions

Document Types

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