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Upcoming MBE/WBE and SDVE Subcontracting Bid Opportunities


The following listing identifies procurement requests the Division of Purchasing is currently preparing on behalf of a state agency for issuance to the public. These procurements will offer evaluation scoring consideration to vendors who propose qualified Missouri-certified MBE/WBE participation and Missouri Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVE) as part of their proposed solution in their procurement response. This notification is being provided prior to the procurement’s issuance in order to provide an opportunity for vendors to network and to identify potentially viable MBE/WBE/SDVE participation solutions either by means of direct participation or through partnering arrangements.


Description Agency Projected Issuance Buyer UNSPSC Code(s) Prior Bid No./Current Contract No.
Alternatives to Abortion Program Services Department of Social Services January Julie Kleffner 85101703 RFPS30034 901700042 / CS170042001-09 This is a rebid of RFPS300349021-02330.
Banking Services DOLIR January Macalah Danielsen 84121600 RFPS300349 01700700 / CS170700001
EANS Grant Fund Program Virtual Platform Department of Elementary and Secondary Education January Kelly Miller 80101706, 86101704, 43231503, 43231500 N/a
Insurance Broker Services OA/General Services and Department of Conservation January Kristina Cramer 84000000 RFPS300349 01700850 / CS170850001-003
Janitorial Services-Fletcher Daniels FMDC January Macalah Danielsen 76111501 RFPS3003490 1801636 CS181636001
Medical Care Utilization Review Services Department of Commerce and Insurance January Autumn Klauba 84111501 RFPS30034 901801205 / CS181205001-CS181205004
Registered Child Care Provider Monitoring Services Department of Elementary and Secondary Education January Julie Kleffner 86000000 RFPS300349 01700473 / CS170473001
Statewide - Advertising Services Statewide January Megan Howser 82100000 RFPS300349 01800542 / CS180542001-009
Statewide - Cable/Satellite Television Services QVL Statewide January Kelly Miller 83111801 RFPT300349 01902276 / CT192276001-05 RFPT300349 02000324 / CT200324001
Statewide - Precast Concrete Restrooms Statewide January Jennie Rees 95140000 RFPC300349 01900689 / CC190689001
Statewide Temporary Medical Professional Services (Add additional vendors to QVL per Missouri Veterans Commission Statewide January Autumn Klauba 80111606 RFPS300349 02000633 / CS200633001 - 027
Transitional Living Program Services Department of Social Services January Julie Kleffner 93141512 RFPS300349 01600545 CS160545001 - 011
Trash Collection Services - Moberly Correctional Center Missouri Department of Corrections January Autumn Klauba 76121501 RFPS300349 01801269 / CS181269001