Office of Geospatial Information


The Office of Geospatial Information (OGI) was formed in January 2011 to improve support and facilitate the sharing of resources and knowledge. OGI coordinates and supports Geographic Information Technology (GIT) for the State of Missouri, covering all technologies and standards relating to the development of the state’s geospatial infrastructure, data and metadata. This includes technologies such as Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems and Remote Sensing.

The mission of the OGI Office is to coordinate and support geospatial technologies for the State of Missouri so it can efficiently serve the public’s spatial data needs. The OGI is housed within the Office of Administration, Information Technology Services Division, and reports to the State Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Services Provided

GIS Analysis and Design
OGI can assist in the process of using your data to look for patterns and relationships between features.
Spatial Database Design & Development
We can help in design activities and reviews of end users systems requiring spatial data.
GIS Data Creation and Maintenance
OGI works with state agencies to convert digital information into meaningful and reliable GIS database layers for your organization.
GIS/GPS Technical Support & Training
Need help getting started with GIS? OGI has staff ready to assist with your training and technical needs.
Cartographic Services
Custom maps can be created in a variety of formats and styles, either printed or electronic.
Emergency GIS Support
GIS is essential in all phases of emergency management; preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. GIS staff allows information to be visualized spatially, shared among state agencies, and updated real time empowering decision makers, saving lives and cutting costs.
GIS Web Application Development
OGI can create interactive maps and share them with your organization through the web. These maps could be as a GIS service for a web based application or as a stand-alone application.