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Department Administration

Department Administration provides a variety of support services for the Department of Commerce and Insurance, including policy development, legislative coordination, communication (public information), research, accounting, human resources, budget, and information systems coordination.

Division of Credit Unions

The Division of Credit Unions is responsible for the examination, supervision, chartering, merger, and liquidation of Missouri’s state-chartered credit unions.  The division also responds to consumer complaints against credit union services or operations.

Division of Finance

The Division of Finance is responsible for the regulation of Missouri’s state-chartered banks, trust companies, savings and loans, consumer credit companies, credit service organizations, and money order companies. The division ensures the safety and soundness of these institutions and the monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations, thereby safeguarding the funds of depositors and maintaining public confidence in Missouri’s financial system.  The division also responds to consumer complaints and provides financial education for Missouri consumers.

Division of Insurance

The Insurance Divisions are responsible for overseeing the insurance industry’s compliance with Missouri insurance laws and regulations and protecting the interests of Missouri insurance-buying consumers.  Examples of specific duties include licensing insurance producers (agents, brokers, and agencies), performing financial and market conduct examinations of insurance companies, investigating consumer complaints, collecting premium taxes paid by insurance companies, and providing information to over consumers each year through a statewide toll-free hotline and the department’s website.

Division of Professional Registration

The Division of Professional Registration is responsible for supporting a variety of professional licensing boards and commissions in licensing and regulating the activities of over 400,000 individuals and companies involved in over 200 different trades and professions.  The division licenses qualified professionals and enforces standards through the inspection of facilities and the investigation of complaints. The division serves and protects the public by providing an accessible, responsible, and accountable regulatory system to ensure that Missouri consumers benefit from competent practitioners.

Office of Public Counsel

The Office of the Public Counsel represents the interests of the public and utility customers in proceedings before the Missouri Public Service Commission and in appeals in the courts. The Public Service Commission regulates the rates and services of investor-owned electric, natural gas, telephone, water, sewer and steam heat utilities. The Office of the Public Counsel is independent from the Public Service Commission and has a separate budget and staff.

Public Service Commission

The Missouri Public Service Commission regulates investor-owned electric, natural gas, steam heat, water and sewer companies; provides limited jurisdiction over telecommunications providers in the state; issues authorization to entities providing video programming; and registers Voice-over-Internet Protocol communication providers. Its mission is to ensure Missouri consumers have access to safe, reliable and reasonably priced utility service while allowing those utility companies under its jurisdiction an opportunity to earn a reasonable return on their investment. The Public Service Commission also registers and enforces uniform construction standards for manufacturers, dealers, and installers of manufactured homes and modular units sold in the State of Missouri. The Commission, established in 1913, is comprised of five commissioners who are appointed by the Governor.