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Director's Office

The Director’s Office performs the coordination and control functions necessary to ensure efficient, cost-effective use of state resources for all Missouri public health and senior services programs.

Division of Administration

The Division of Administration provides a variety of support services for the Director’s Office and the programmatic divisions of the Department of Health and Senior Services. Services include budget administration; grant and contract administration; accounting and procurement functions; internal audit; performance management; personnel management; maintenance of the inventory of physical assets; warehouse, delivery and mailroom services; and building lease management.

Division of Community and Public Health

The Division of Community and Public Health is responsible for supporting and operating more than 100 programs and initiatives addressing public health issues such as communicable disease control, chronic disease management, genetic health conditions, cancer, pregnancy, vital statistics and health care access. The division also assures the continuity of essential public health services to all citizens of and visitors to the state of Missouri.  The State Public Health Laboratory provides testing for infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and environmental health concerns.