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Agency Wide Programs

Agency Wide items allow for operational and business transaction efficiencies across the Department.

Department Operations

Department Operations provides a variety of services for the Department of Natural Resources, including policy development, legislative coordination, general counsel, communication, continuous improvement, budgeting, accounting, human resources, and internal audit to support the Department’s overall mission.

Division of Energy

The Division of Energy advances energy efficiency and the use of diverse energy resources through financial and technical assistance, education, and support. This drives economic development and job creation, achieves greater energy security, and provides for a healthier environment.

Division of Environmental Quality

The Division of Environmental Quality helps Missourians prevent pollution and protects the public from harmful emissions, discharges, and waste disposal practices. The division helps Missourians improve the quality of the air, water, and soil for sustainable use by business, tourism, and agriculture.

Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority

The Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) is an environmental finance agency created by the Missouri General Assembly in 1972. It is an independent, self-supporting, quasi-governmental agency governed by a five-member Board appointed by the Governor.  EIERA provides financing, research, and technical assistance for environmental and energy-related projects.

Missouri Geological Survey

Since 1853, the Department’s Missouri Geological Survey Division has provided reliable scientific information about Missouri’s wealth of natural resources. The Division provides essential systematic geoscience data to steward informed decision-making, protect the environment, and encourage economic development. The Division plans for Missouri’s comprehensive water needs by examining both surface and groundwater use and availability, ensures mined lands are reclaimed, and administers the Missouri Dam and Reservoir Safety Law.

Missouri State Parks

Missouri’s Division of State Parks manages the many recreational, cultural, and historical resources of the Missouri state parks system.  The division also administers programs to promote outdoor recreation statewide. The State Historic Preservation Office helps identify and preserve historic properties and cultural resources throughout the state.

Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance

The Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund provides an economical way for fuel tank owners and operators to pay for cleanup and third-party damages if their tank or piping leaks. It also pays to clean up pollution at former gas stations.