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Administration Division

The Administration Division provides a variety of support services for the Department of Revenue including policy development, legislative coordination, communication, budgeting, and human resources in order to assist the department’s overall mission.

General Counsel's Office

The General Counsel's Office ensures the Department of Revenue’s compliance with law and internal policies, advises the director and divisions on legal matters relative to the Department, and represents the Department in courts and administrative tribunals.

Lottery Commission

The State Lottery Commission oversees the operations of the Missouri State Lottery, which was approved by the voters in 1984.  The Missouri State Lottery transfers all profits to help fund public institutions of elementary, secondary, and higher education.  Lottery functions include: recruiting and licensing Lottery retailers; creating, marketing, and distributing Lottery products; collecting revenue from Lottery retailers; paying out Lottery prizes and retailer commissions; and ensuring the security and integrity of the Lottery operations and games.

Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division

The Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division administers Missouri’s laws that relate to titling and registration of motor vehicles, trailers, all-terrain vehicles, manufactured homes, and marine craft, and licensing drivers; facilitates dealer licensing; and oversees all license offices throughout the state that process these transactions.

State Tax Commission

The State Tax Commission hears appeals from local boards of equalization for individual taxpayers filed each year.   The Commission measures the quality of assessments in each county and works with assessors to promote an equitable and fair assessment program.  This agency is also responsible for the statewide assessment of property for airlines, electric, pipelines, railroads, telecommunications, and other utility companies. Additionally, it conducts seminars and training sessions for various county officials and their staff.

Taxation Division

The Taxation Division administers Missouri’s tax laws. It processes tax returns, reports revenue collections due to the state and local taxing jurisdictions, distributes funds to local jurisdictions, identifies and effects collection on under reporters, and issues retail sales licenses to businesses operating in the state of Missouri.