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Administrative Hearing Commission

The Administrative Hearing Commission is an executive branch court that decides disputes, usually between a state agency and a business or individual, after a trial-type hearing.  Its decisions are subject to review by judicial branch courts, if a party wishes to appeal.

Board of Fund Commissioners

The Board of Fund Commissioners issues, redeems, and cancels state general obligation bonds and performs other administrative activities related to state general obligation debt.

Children's Trust Fund

The Children’s Trust Fund works to prevent child abuse and neglect and strengthen families through grant distribution, education, awareness, and training.

Commissioner's Office

The Commissioner’s Office provides strategic direction, policy development, legislative coordination, and communication for the Office of Administration in support of its overall mission.

Debt and Administrative Disbursements

The Office of Administration is responsible for managing the state’s outstanding debt and for making required payments to the federal government and Missouri’s counties.

Division of Accounting

The Division of Accounting provides central accounting and central payroll system services for state government, producing checks and electronic payments for state vendors and state employees.

Division of Budget and Planning

The Division of Budget and Planning analyzes state government programs and provides recommendations and information to the Governor, General Assembly, and state agencies regarding fiscal and other policies.

Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction

The Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction provides project management and construction administration for capital improvement projects. The division also operates, maintains and manages state-owned office buildings and other structures, and is responsible for acquiring and managing leased space.

Division of General Services

The Division of General Services provides state agencies with a variety of support services, such as printing, mail services, fleet management, vehicle maintenance, and administration of the legal expense fund and the state employee workers' compensation program.

Division of Personnel

The Division of Personnel provides central human resource management programs and services to all executive branch departments in compliance with the State Personnel Law.

Division of Purchasing

The Division of Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of state-required supplies, materials, equipment, and professional or general services.

Governor's Council on Disability

The Governor’s Council on Disability provides education and technical assistance to people with disabilities and the public about civil rights, employment, education, housing, and transportation.  The council ensures equal access and full participation for all individuals with disabilities in their communities at the local, state, and federal levels.

Information Technology Services Division

The Information Technology Services Division manages state information technology resources; provides mainframe computer processing services through the State Data Center; manages the State's telecommunication services; and provides Internet services and network support to all state agencies.

Missouri Ethics Commission

The Missouri Ethics Commission is charged with the enforcement of conflict of interest, personal financial disclosure, and lobbying laws as well as campaign finance disclosure laws.  The commission also educates public officials, candidates for public office, registered lobbyists and the public about these laws.

Missouri Public Entity Risk Management

The Missouri Public Entity Risk Management operates a shared-risk program offering tort liability, property, and other coverages for participating political subdivisions of the state.

Office of the Child Advocate

The Office of Child Advocate provides families and citizens an avenue through which they can obtain an independent and impartial review of the decisions and/or actions made by the Department of Social Services, Children’s Division.