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This system provides access to public record information regarding State of Missouri contracts, bid/solicitation documents, bid abstracts, bid correspondence, and other related documents. The system includes documents for only the Office of Administration, Division of Purchasing and Materials Management bids and contracts.

This system is compatible with Internet Explorer ONLY,  versions up to 11. You must be using 32 bit version of Internet Explorer. If using versions 10 or 11, please add the following IP address to your Compatibility View settings on your browser:

Please be sure and download the Navigation Instructions and the list of Document Types used for your reference. The Document Types will help you to decide what documents you wish to view and/or print from our system. The documents can be printed to hardcopies using regular means of printing a hard copy document; or they can be converted to a PDF electronic document by using software that creates PDF documents. There are various shareware products available on the Internet for creating PDF documents.

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