Budget & Planning Contacts

Name Title
Bess, Matt BRASS System Administrator
Brooke, Jacob Legislative Coordinator
Bryant, Robert Budget Analyst/Office of Administration, Public Debt, Retirement
Cain, Gary Redistricting Project Manager
Clark, Christine Section Manager
Enlow, Karen Budget Analyst/Corrections
Farley, Jessica Support Assistant/Fiscal Officer
Gladow, Rachel Budget Analyst/Elementary & Secondary Education
Haug, Dan Budget Director
Hesser, Matt State Demographer
Highfill, Kevin Section Manager
Hope, Melissa Budget Analyst/Agriculture, Natural Resources, Conservation
Lensing, Daniel Budget Analyst/Mental Health, Health and Senior Services
Lewis, Jennifer Economist, Budget Analyst/Revenue
McQuary, Pamela Administrative Assistant
Miller, Kim Budget Analyst/Economic Development, Labor and Industrial Relations
Nunley, Warren GIS Analyst
Pringer, Jeana Budget Analyst/Higher Education and Workforce Development, Commerce and Insurance
Pruitt, Michelle Budget Analyst/Public Safety
Roberts, Tony Assistant Director for Planning
Simpson, Jori GIS Analyst
Siverly, Brenton Assistant Director for Budget
Surface, Chris ERP Budget Coordinator
Sweetwood, Matt Budget Analyst/Transportation, Elected Officials, Judiciary, Public Defender, General Assembly
Vacant Budget Analyst/Social Services
Verslues, Gina Accounting Analyst
Windom, Phillip Budget Analyst/Social Services - MHND/Medicaid
Wisnewski, Lindsey Section Manager