MO Project: Contextual Branding

Upcoming MBE/WBE and SDVE Subcontracting Bid Opportunities


The following listing identifies procurement requests the Division of Purchasing and Materials Management is currently preparing on behalf of a state agency for issuance to the public. These procurements will offer evaluation scoring consideration to vendors who propose qualified Missouri-certified MBE/WBE participation and Missouri Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVE) as part of their proposed solution in their procurement response. This notification is being provided prior to the procurement’s issuance in order to provide an opportunity for vendors to network and to identify potentially viable MBE/WBE/SDVE participation solutions either by means of direct participation or through partnering arrangements.

Description Agency Projected Issue Date Buyer Bid Number
(If known)
Advertising Agency of Record for Missouri Tourism Division of Tourism October Stacia Dawson B3Z15054
Fleet Light Duty Trucks (MY 2015) Statewide October Teri Schulte B1Z15052
Fleet Passenger and Cargo Vans (MY 2015) Statewide October Teri Schulte B1Z15051
Fleet Sport Utility Vehicles (MY 2015) Statewide October Teri Schulte B1Z15053
Genetic Parentage Testing Dept. of Social Services October Julie Kleffner B3Z15041
Janitorial Services-Kansas City, MO Leased Buildings FMDC October Kyle Wilde B3Z15062
Janitorial Services - Wildwood, JCMO OA/FMDC October Kyle Wilde B3Z15049
Mechanical Equipment Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair Services OA/FMDC October Laura Ortmeyer B3Z15079
MO HealthNet Managed Care Department of Social Services, MO HealthNet Division October Laura Ortmeyer B3Z15077
Modular Office Moving Services Office of Administration October Liz Palazzolo B3Z15040
Ozone Laundry and Ware Wash Chemicals Statewide October Liz Palazzolo B1Z15000
Security Guard Services Statewide October Megan Howser B3Z15050
Surplus Property Inventory Tracking System OA/ITSD/MOSASP October Jacqueline Satterlee B3Z15025
Telecom Management System OA-ITSD October Jacqueline Satterlee B2Z15037
Workers Compensation System OA-ITSD October Gary Eggen B2Z15038
Asthma Program Services Department of Health and Senior Services November Leslie Kemna B3Z15020
Hazardous Waste Disposal/Recycling Services Statewide November Kyle Wilde
Over the Phone Language Interpretation Services Statewide December Megan Howser B3Z15117