Facility Closure in Effect

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Upcoming MBE/WBE and SDVE Subcontracting Bid Opportunities


The following listing identifies procurement requests the Division of Purchasing is currently preparing on behalf of a state agency for issuance to the public. These procurements will offer evaluation scoring consideration to vendors who propose qualified Missouri-certified MBE/WBE participation and Missouri Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVE) as part of their proposed solution in their procurement response. This notification is being provided prior to the procurement’s issuance in order to provide an opportunity for vendors to network and to identify potentially viable MBE/WBE/SDVE participation solutions either by means of direct participation or through partnering arrangements.

Description Agency Projected Issue Date Buyer UNSPSC Code(s) Prior Bid No./
Contract No.
Cisco Networking Products and Smartnet Maintenance State of Missouri February Roy Burgess    
Insurance Actuarial Services Dept. of Ins., Fin. & Prof. Reg. February Jacqueline Satterlee 80101512 B3Z13042/
Janitorial Services - Joplin MO OA-FMDC February Jason Kolks 76110000 B3E13069/
Kitchen Equipment Repair Statewide February Liz Palazzolo 72154017  
Law Enforcement Gear Statewide February Liz Palazzolo    
Mobile App Missouri State Lottery February Roy Burgess    
Power Wash System for Dishwasher Dept. of Corrections February Liz Palazzolo 48101615  
Radiation Detectors  Statewide February Liz Palazzolo 41111929  
Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Services ITSD February Earl Pettit    
Sound/Paging Equipment Rental MO State Fair February Liz Palazzolo    
Tents Rental MO State Fair February Liz Palazzolo    
Missouri Tobacco Cessation Quitline Services Dept. of Health & Senior Services February Leslie Kemna



Eligibility Verification and Document Management Services Dept. of Social Services February TBD    
Transcription Services Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations February Casey Rost 82111604 B3E12142/
Alternatives to Abortion Program Services Office of Administration/
Commissioner's Office
February Julie Kleffner 931317000 B3Z12062/
Amachi Mentoring Program to Children of Incarcerated Parents Dept. of Corrections February Julie Kleffner 93141506


Printing: Cigarette Tax Stamps Dept. of Revenue February Jason Kolks 82121500 B3Z12120/
Transitional Living Program Services Dept. of Social Services, Children's Division February Julie Kleffner 93141512 B3Z12023/
Agreement Tracking Software Dept. of Conservation February Paul Linhardt    
Conference Services-Columbia, Jefferson City, and Lake of the Ozarks Statewide February Jessica Andres 90111601 B3Z14207/
Janitorial Services-Independence FMDC February Jacqueline Satterlee 76110000 C313026001
Real Estate Appraisal Services OA/FMDC February Stacia Dawson 80131802  B3Z13050/
School Bus DESE-MO School for the Deaf February Jason Kolks 25101502 NA
Third Party Liability Fund Recovery Services Dept. of Social Services February Megan Howser 80161700 B3Z10106/
TMS Maintenance Support and Rehost Services MODOT February Earl Pettit 81112200 B2Z11049/
Unclaimed Property Auctioneering Services State Treasurer’s Office February Molly Hurt 80141705 B3Z13152/ C313152001
Upper Payment Limit Determination Services Dept. of Social Services May Megan Howser 80161700 no current/prior
Program Integrity Solution Dept.of Social Services June Megan Howser 80101507 B2Z02021/