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Ceres to make her return to Missouri Capitol in early December; Statue will be on display starting December 6 until the morning of December 9

November 26, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The Office of Administration announced today that the renovation of Ceres is nearing completion and that she would be returning to the Missouri State Capitol in early December. On December 6th, Ceres will be back in Jefferson City, Missouri, and will be erected vertically for public viewing.

Ceres will be put on display on the sidewalk next to the media parking lot, which is adjacent to the Missouri Supreme Court Building and accessible from High Street. Ceres will remain at that location until the morning of December 9th. She will be taken down, so that final preparations can be made for her being lifted to the top of the Capitol Dome. She will be lifted up the week of December 16th. 

During the public viewing, FMDC will provide floodlights and staff to monitor Ceres, so that she will be made available for people to view her during the evenings.

“Ceres is a treasure for the State of Missouri and the State Capitol,” said Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe. “She represents the strength of our farmers and agricultural community. Having her back home and on display will be a once in a lifetime gift for viewers to enjoy this holiday season.”

“We are looking forward to Ceres making her return from Chicago and to finally see in person all the incredible work her team did in restoring her,” said Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman. “We encourage everyone to come out and view Ceres. Getting her back home to Jefferson City will make this season that much more festive.”

“As we’re well over the halfway point of this important undertaking, the return of Ceres is a visible indication of the renovation project’s progress,” said Patrick Baker, Chair of the Missouri State Capitol Commission and Administrator of the Missouri Senate. “By restoring and renovating the exterior of the State Capitol, we are ensuring that a valuable part of our state’s heritage will have a future for countless generations of Missourians to enjoy.”

“After nearly a century, I am thrilled that Ceres has been restored to her original condition and will be ready to watch over the State Capitol and the people of Missouri for the next one hundred years,” said Dana Miller, of the Missouri Capitol Commission and Chief Clerk of the Missouri House Representatives.

The statue of Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, was removed from the top of the Capitol in November 2018. During her restoration, Ceres underwent a laser cleaning treatment to safely remove contaminants while also preserving her natural color.

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