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Gov. Greitens signs proclamation to honor State of Missouri employees during Public Service Recognition Week

May 10, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Eric Greitens signed a proclamation to declare Friday, May 11, 2018 as Public Service Recognition Day in the State of Missouri to honor Missouri’s public servants during the National Public Service Recognition Week.

Public Service Recognition Week is being celebrated across the country from May 6-12 to thank Americans who serve the public at the national, state, and local government levels. The week honoring public servants has been observed the first week of May every year since 1985.

In the proclamation, Gov. Greitens praises the “incredible skills, tireless dedication, and selfless service” state employees have contributed to serve Missourians and to improve state government.

“Our State of Missouri employees save lives, aid the most vulnerable in our communities, care for children with developmental disabilities, fix infrastructure, and so much more,” Greitens said. “It is proper to honor them and their hard work with this proclamation during Public Service Recognition Week. On behalf of the citizens of Missouri, I want to thank them for their commitment to our state.”

“With this proclamation, we’re honoring the tens of thousands of state employees who work hard every day to serve the citizens of Missouri,” said Drew Erdmann, State of Missouri Chief Operating Officer. “They come to work every day committed to making our state stronger. As we work together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our state government, we should always appreciate their service for the public good.”

“Every day thousands of Missourians come to work across our state to serve their fellow citizens,” said Sarah Steelman, State of Missouri Commissioner of Administration. “They work hard. Many risk their lives to do good. I hope every Missourian can say ‘thank you’ this week to their neighbors and friends who are public servants.”

Gov. Greitens’ proclamation is another installment in the state’s effort to honor and recognize the dedicated public service of state employees. Last week, the State of Missouri hosted a celebration at the Governor’s Mansion to honor 38 outstanding state employees. Honorees were August 2016 through April 2018 Missouri State Employees of the Month and 2017 Missouri State Employee Award of Distinction recipients.

These outstanding employees were recognized during an awards ceremony on the lawn of the Governor’s mansion, in which they received a plaque to commemorate their accomplishments.

The State of Missouri encourages citizens to join in thanking Missouri’s public servants for their contributions in their work as public servants. We encourage you to follow the accomplishments of State of Missouri employees’ contributions to make the state stronger at #WeServeMo.