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House Independent Bipartisan Citizens Commission Files Final Redistricting Plan with Secretary of State

January 24, 2022

JEFFERSON CITY - The House Independent Bipartisan Citizens Commission approved a final state redistricting plan during the Commission’s meeting on January 19, 2022. The final plan was approved unanimously by all 20 commission members. This is the first plan approved by a House Commission since 1991.

The final redistricting plan has an overall difference in population of 5.8% between its largest and smallest districts.

“I want to personally thank all of the commissioners for the hard work that was put in by the commissioners and, obviously, as all of you know, the supporting individuals that have been instrumental to helping get this map done on both sides – on both the Democratic and Republican sides,” said Chair Jerry Hunter

The Commission has posted the final plan for public viewing and can be accessed from the Redistricting Office’s website. This page will include an interactive map as well as the official filing documents submitted to the Secretary of State, and other supplemental maps and tables. 

“Again, to all of those outside parties that were part of the team to assist us, it’s been quite a journey,” said Vice Chair Keena Smith. “It started off a little rocky, but we came together and put our differences aside to get the job done. So congratulations to you all. It’s been great working with you.”

Formed for the purpose of redistricting the 163 districts in the Missouri House of Representatives, the commission held public hearings throughout Missouri last fall. The commission had until January 23, 2022 to finalize their plans.

The Senate Independent Bipartisan Citizens Commission failed to submit a tentative plan to the Secretary of State’s office by the December 23, 2021 deadline. Per the Missouri Constitution, the Missouri Senate shall now be redistricted by a new commission of six members appointed from among the judges of the appellate courts of the state of Missouri by the state supreme court. A majority of whom shall sign and file its redistricting plan and map with the secretary of state within ninety days of the date of the discharge of the Senate Independent Bipartisan Citizens Commission.