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Missouri Implements Statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

December 13, 2023

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The State of Missouri’s statewide prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) was activated on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. The purpose of PDMP is to reduce abuse and misuse of controlled substances such as opioids by making dispensation information for such substances available to prescribers, dispensers, and health care providers. Now, pharmacies in the state of Missouri are required to submit information to the PDMP when they dispense any prescribed Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances to patients in Missouri. The program was established in 2021 with the signing of Senate Bill 63.

“SB 63 (PDMP) will help provide necessary information to health care professionals and empower them to make decisions that better serve their patients and assist in fighting the opioid epidemic in Missouri,” said Governor Parson at the time of the bill signing.

After the passage of SB 63, the Missouri Joint Oversight Task Force for Prescription Drug Monitoring (JOTF) was created, which is the body that oversees the collection and use of patient dispensation information submitted to Missouri's PDMP. The JOTF chose Bamboo Health as its vendor to administer Missouri’s PDMP services. Bamboo Health currently provides PDMP services to more than 40 other state PDMPs.

“Missouri’s Statewide PDMP will be an important patient safety tool healthcare providers can now use to make more informed decisions and reduce risks for patients,” said Christian Tadrus, Pharm.D., JOTF member.

Previously, 75 jurisdictions within the state opted to provide controlled substance information to the PDMP operated within the St. Louis County Department of Public Health. With the transition to the State’s PDMP, the St. Louis County PDMP will dissolve operations.

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