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Missouri state employees honored at annual recognition event

May 29, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY – State employees were recognized today for their dedication to public service at the annual Missouri State Employee Recognition Day ceremony held on the south lawn of the Missouri State Capitol. This event was part of the Missouri State Employee Recognition Week celebration.

Missouri State Employee Recognition Week provides an opportunity to say “thank you” to the dynamic and innovative employees who touch the lives of Missouri citizens every day through their professionalism, commitment to excellence and diligence. This year’s theme is State Employees – Missouri’s Pride. 

“State employees work every day to preserve public safety and the health of our citizens, encourage economic development, build and maintain our highways, schools and other infrastructure, protect citizens’ rights, help educate our children, and handle a host of other essential duties entrusted to them,” said Office of Administration Commissioner Doug Nelson. “Their continued dedication to providing the highest quality of service for all our state’s citizens makes Missouri a place we can all be proud to call home.”

In addition to State Employee Recognition Week and Day, nine Missouri state employees will receive the annual Missouri State Employee Awards of Distinction. Recipients of the 2014 program were:

Heroism (3 recipients)

Troopers Joseph Palmer and Brooks Pratt – Department of Public Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol
Trooper Jeffry Leathers – Department of Public Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Awarded for demonstrating exceptional judgment or courage in a potentially serious situation outside the scope of the workplace, or in a situation far above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position and which reflect credit upon the State of Missouri.

Human Relations

Jennifer Cook – Department of Social Services, Family Support Division

Awarded for outstanding contributions toward enhancing the quality and morale of the workplace, or creating a better public image of state government

Innovative Suggestion of the Year

Jeff Hoffman – Department of Social Services, Family Support Division

Awarded to an employee who submitted a suggestion via the Missouri Relies on Everyone (MoRE) State Employee Suggestion System that best exemplifies how the ideas of state employees can serve to initiate and/or establish a new method, practice, plan, or design which provides an “added value” to state government, or solves a unique problem in a creative manner.

Leadership (2 recipients)

Roy Niemeyer – Department of Transportation, Northeast District
Paul Sanders – Department of Social Services, Family Support Division

Awarded to an employee who exemplified and promoted outstanding leadership qualities and behaviors. The employee “sets the standard” for others to follow, and consistently performs at a superior level in achieving significant and tangible benefits for his/her department/agency.

Public Service

Patrick Hedges – Department of Health and Senior Services, Division of Senior and Disability Services

Awarded for outstanding dedication to the advancement of state service which enhances the quality of life to citizens that is far and above the employee’s normal job requirements, or who through volunteering service and/or time improved the quality of life for members of the community.


Christopher Doran – Department of Conservation, Protection

Presented to an employee or team of individuals whom created and/or used innovative initiatives or approaches to protect and ensure the health and safety of state workers or customers.