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State employee work teams recognized for enhancing state government, honored with Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity

November 2, 2016

JEFFERSON CITY – The Office of Administration recognized three state employee work teams with the 2016 Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity (GAQP), which acknowledges accomplishments that serve as an example of continuous improvement, quality, efficiency and productivity in Missouri state government.

“The Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity recipients represent the significant role our state employees play in improving the lives of Missourians and making state government more efficient and effective,” said Office of Administration Commissioner Doug Nelson. “I am proud of the accomplishments of these winning teams and wish them continued success in their efforts.”

All winning nominations were required to meet criteria related to effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency that would serve as a model of excellence for other work teams in state government.

This year’s GAQP recipients include:

Efficiency/Process Improvement
Video Parole Hearing Team: Department of Corrections for creating a new system that will allow the Parole Board to use videoconferencing as an option when conducting parole consideration hearings. The primary genesis for the system was to provide crime victims an alternate avenue to exercise their statutory right to observe, provide testimony, and present opposition during the parole hearing process without having to travel to the facility where the offender is housed. Cost savings for the system in 2015 were approximately $25,000. Savings are estimated to reach $64,000 in 2016, and with full implementation, an annual average savings of $80,000 is anticipated.

Crisis Intervention Team Training: Department of Corrections for adapting a national crisis intervention concept to meet the needs of correctional settings. The Crisis Intervention Team Training helps to increase awareness of mental illness and teach communication and de-escalation techniques to avoid crises, stabilize mentally ill offenders, and promote institutional security. The newly developed 40-hour training course will be offered six times annually, and a computer-based introductory training will be available to all DOC employees. When fully-implemented, the department will train 150 officers each year in crisis intervention and mental health awareness. De-escalation of crises results in a cost reduction by reducing medical costs incurred in use-of-force incidents, and contributes to a safer and healthier work environment.

Technology in Government
Field Traffic Alert System: Missouri Department of Transportation for utilizing new wireless technology to improve MoDOT operations, information and processes. MoDOT’s Field Traffic Alert System auto-populates real-time traffic data into rural Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) boards to provide accurate drive time information and accident warnings to motorists. The program has greatly enhanced MoDOT’s ability to receive earlier notifications of adverse traffic conditions, allowing MoDOT staff to respond quicker on the ground and provide earlier warnings to the traveling public.

For a complete description of each award or to learn more about the Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity, visit Since 1988, this prestigious award program has recognized service excellence, encouraged and rewarded innovation, and reinforced pride in service to Missouri state government. The GAQP program is administered by the Missouri Division of Personnel’s Center for Management and Professional Development.