MO Project: Contextual Branding

State of Missouri debuts new MoCareers website; a one-stop user-friendly application for starting your public service job in Missouri

January 28, 2020

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Today, the Office of Administration announced the launch of MoCareers, a new website to make applying for a job with any of the State of Missouri’s 16 executive departments easier for job applicants.

“MoCareers is a great example of how we are adopting common sense business practices to make state government better,” said Governor Mike Parson. “We are committed to finding the best public servants for Missouri, and MoCareers makes it much easier to apply for jobs within state government.”

“The state has to compete to recruit great public servants, and that starts with the recruiting process. MoCareers is light years ahead of where we started both for the job applicant and for the state government hiring managers.” said Drew Erdmann, State of Missouri Chief Operating Officer. “MoCareers is mobile friendly, gives applicants easy access to job openings across the state, and showcases the State of Missouri as a great employer.”

The origins of the project go back to the summer of 2018 when the passage of Merit Reform enabled departments to develop common recruiting approaches as never before. The new system combined over 50 different application practices – some of which were still paper-based – into a single, consolidated, customer-friendly portal. The new MoCareers is designed to improve the candidate experience, enhance the state government’s brand as an employer of choice, and facilitate better reporting and hiring decisions. The shared approach is more cost effective than each department investing in its own approach. 

“The labor market requires a new approach for our hiring process. MoCareers is already proving itself to be more user-friendly for job candidates,” said Commissioner Sarah Steelman, Office of Administration. “In the past, talented candidates might overlook a position because they could not easily search for and find an opening. Or they might become frustrated by completing the same paperwork multiple times for different positions. MoCareers cuts through all that by allowing applicants to apply for more than one position at the same time.”

“We are so excited to launch the new MoCareers. The new platform offers a great, user-friendly experience for job,” said Dawn Sweazea, Director of Talent Acquisition, Office of Administration. “The can search and apply for jobs across all departments quickly and easily for the first time.”

Dawn Sweazea is the new Director of Talent Acquisition for the State of Missouri. She will focus on improving recruitment efforts across all departments. 

The new MoCareers website was officially launched on January 6, 2020.

For more information on how to apply, please visit