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Museum Curator I

This information is for reference only. These classifications are no longer valid and were replaced 7/1/2020.

  • Museum Curator I
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Annual Salary Range:
$36,360.00 – $57,792.00
Twice-a-Month Salary Range:
$1,515.00 – $2,408.00
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This is entry-level professional curatorial work in a state museum or historic site.

Job Duties

Assists with the planning, development, and management of a curatorial program for a state museum or interpretive site such as a historic or natural history museum.

Assist with the planning and development of a specialized curatorial program for a state museum involving collection care, exhibits, research, and/or public educational programs.

Assists with the planning, design, and development of exhibits for historic sites, parks, and visitor centers within the state parks system; assists staff with the design, fabrication, and maintenance of exhibits using a variety of exhibition techniques.

Assists with the development and implementation of an artifact and/or specimen management program designed to conserve and preserve the collection in a manner consistent with standard museum practices.

Participates in the management of collections, exhibits, historic properties, and/or archaeological sites.

Participates in accessioning, cataloging, preserving, and utilizing collections.

Prepares recommendations regarding work that requires professional contractors in the preservation and restoration of artifacts; inspects contract work to ensure quality.

Serves as consultant and evaluator regarding the utilization of professional exhibit design firms and contractors for the development of exhibits.

Researches and compiles historical and other technical data to determine the value and authenticity of artifacts.

Presents technical and historical information to the public and/or other professionals; prepares and presents interpretive information associated with exhibits.

Assists with the design, development, scheduling, and installation of art, history, and natural history exhibits which may involve preparing specialized exhibits or acquiring traveling exhibits; develops public programs to promote these exhibits.

Develops and presents promotional material for interpretive programs or special events presented by the museum or historic site.

Assists with the development and maintenance of a security and storage system for art objects, artifacts, and natural history specimens.

Receives, records, catalogs, and accessions all collection articles in a manner consistent with standard museum practices.

Assists with the planning and development of public outreach programs that are consistent with the educational policy of the museum or historic site.

Receives close supervision, training, and direction; work is reviewed for overall quality and effectiveness within established guidelines.

Performs other related work as assigned.

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(The following minimum qualifications will determine merit system eligibility. Allowable experience and education substitutions are provided in italics below the corresponding minimum qualification statement; no other substitutions will be permitted. These minimum qualifications may also be used to evaluate applicants for Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System positions not requiring selection from merit registers.)

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 15 earned credit hours in one or a combination of the following: Art History, History, Design, Graphic Arts, Paleontology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Museum Studies, or a closely related field; and,

One or more years of museum experience including any of the following: research and design of exhibits; preservation and restoration of artifacts; research, development, and presentation of educational or interpretive programs; museum administration; historical or archaeological research and preservation.

(24 earned graduate credit hours from an accredited college or university in the specified areas may substitute for the required experience.)

(Additional qualifying experience may substitute on a year-for-year basis for deficiencies in the required education at a rate of one year for 30 earned credit hours.)

Please note that documentation that supports your eligibility (i.e. transcripts, employment records, etc.) may be required at any time during the application and hiring process. If you do not possess the minimum qualifications, please consider one of many other employment opportunities with the State of Missouri.

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Key Skills

Do you possess the key skills which are considered essential for successful employment in this classification?

Comprehensive knowledge of research methods associated with historical or natural history investigation.

Intermediate knowledge of planning and developing educational programs for museums and/or historic sites.

Intermediate knowledge of natural sciences, arts, and/or humanities related to specific museums or historic properties.

Introductory knowledge of the techniques used in the restoration and preservation of museum artifacts, art objects, and natural history specimens.

Introductory knowledge of the techniques, methods, materials, and equipment associated with the design and fabrication of exhibits.

Introductory knowledge of the principles and practices of museum administration.

Ability to care for and maintain art works, artifacts, and natural history exhibits.

Ability to plan, direct, and complete assignments.

Ability to communicate effectively.

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