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Annual Salary Range:
$46,392.00 – $73,896.00
Twice-a-Month Salary Range:
$1,933.00 – $3,079.00
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This is professional archaeological work preserving resources which involves artifact curation, research, archaeological surveys, and excavations for the Department of Natural Resources.

Job Duties

Plans and/or conducts archaeological surveys to identify, record, and preserve sites.

Reviews cultural resource clearance requests to ensure archaeological resources and sites are not damaged or disturbed by activities/projects.

Identifies, classifies, and catalogs artifacts; analyzes structural remains.

Coordinates reviews and ensures compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966 as amended.

Assures that park system activities comply with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

Directs and/or conducts archaeological excavations and/or oversees contracted archaeological excavations.

Oversees and mentors staff, including volunteers and paraprofessionals, participating in archaeological survey or excavation, and curating artifacts. 

Recommends land acquisitions for archaeological sites based upon surveys and research.

Coordinates the use of the archaeological curatorial facility.

Maintains an index of known archaeological sites and surveys; responds to inquiries regarding site locations and activities.

Directs the preparation and maintenance of archaeological records and equipment; performs complex analytical laboratory analysis.

Collects, labels, and photographs specimens and artifacts to be used in interpretive exhibits and publications.

Prepares descriptive, analytical, and research reports; develops informational brochures and publications.

Exercises considerable initiative and independent judgment in planning and implementing work; receives general administrative direction.

Performs other related work as assigned.

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(The following requirements will determine merit system eligibility, experience and education ratings, and may be used to evaluate applicants for Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System positions not requiring selection from merit registers.)

A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in Archaeology, Anthropology, or a closely related field; and,

One or more years of professional experience (or equivalent specialized training) in archaeological research, administration, or management; and four or more months of supervised field and analytic experience in general North American archaeology; and one or more years of professional supervisory experience in the study of archaeological resources of the prehistoric or historic archaeology periods.

Special Requirements

Ability to provide documentation confirming a demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.

Please note that documentation that supports your eligibility (i.e. transcripts, employment records, etc.) may be required at any time during the application and hiring process. If you do not possess the minimum qualifications, please consider one of many other employment opportunities with the State of Missouri.

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Key Skills

Do you possess the key skills which are considered essential for successful employment in this classification?

Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, techniques, and ethics of archaeological survey, excavation, and laboratory operations.

Comprehensive knowledge of the state's prehistoric and historic archaeological heritage.

Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of an archaeological program.

Comprehensive knowledge of effective communication/consultation methods required to interact with individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Comprehensive knowledge of archaeological mapping and photography.

Intermediate knowledge of the physical attributes of earth and soils.

Ability to collect and process Global Positioning System (GPS) data, and use and manage Geographic Information System (GIS) data to create maps.

Ability to conduct research and interpret information.

Ability to plan and organize archaeological surveys and excavations.

Ability to travel, as needed, to perform archaeological work at excavation sites or to perform other necessary duties.

Ability to work outdoors which may include rough terrain, unfavorable weather conditions, insects, and/or other hazards.

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ability to plan, coordinate, and direct others.

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