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Groundskeeper II

  • Groundskeeper II
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Exam Components: 
Non-Competitive Registration
Annual Salary Range:
$23,284.00 – $36,892.00
Twice-a-Month Salary Range:
$970.00 – $1,538.00
Pay Grade: 

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This is mid-level supervisory work in general groundskeeping activities, or specialized work in the cultivation and care of flowers and plants.

Job Duties

Supervises and participates in the care, maintenance, and improvement of grounds and landscapes by planting trees, grass, flowers, and shrubs.

Operates and maintains a large greenhouse; mixes soils; prepares cuttings, transplants seedlings, stakes, and sprays plants; weeds flower containers; fertilizes plants.

Directs or participates in filling, surfacing, hauling, and fertilizing operations.

Directs the removal of dirt, rubbish, snow, ice, leaves, and other refuse; and the maintenance of walkways, parking areas, sheds, and benches.

Mows and trims lawns; prunes trees, plants, and shrubs; trims hedges with hand and power equipment; weeds flower beds; removes hazardous tree limbs.

Prepares reports and maintains records of time worked, materials used, and equipment maintenance.

Procures supplies and materials required for the maintenance of grounds, greenhouse, and equipment.

Repairs and maintains tools and equipment utilized.

Waters lawns, trees, and shrubs using hoses or sprinkler system.

Sprays lawns, shrubs, and trees with fertilizer and insecticide; applies soil supplements to improve soil.

Exercises some judgment regarding routine issues relating to work activities; confers with supervisor regarding non-routine work issues; receives general administrative direction; work is reviewed through inspections.

Performs other related work as assigned.

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The following minimum qualifications will determine merit system eligibility and may be used to evaluate applicants for Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System positions not requiring selection from merit registers.)

Three or more years of experience in groundskeeping work; and possession of a high school diploma or proof of high school equivalency.

Please note that documentation that supports your eligibility (i.e. transcripts, employment records, etc.) may be required at any time during the application and hiring process. If you do not possess the minimum qualifications, please consider one of many other employment opportunities with the State of Missouri.

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Key Skills

Do you possess the key skills which are considered essential for successful employment in this classification?

Comprehensive knowledge of groundskeeping and horticultural practices.

Comprehensive knowledge of the care of flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Intermediate knowledge of the standard tools, materials, and practices used in general groundskeeping and the operation of a greenhouse.

Intermediate knowledge of soil preparation, plant diseases, and destructive insects.

Introductory knowledge of landscaping and floral design.

Ability to maintain and make routine repairs to machinery, equipment, and small structures.

Ability to plan, layout, and supervise the work of laborers and other groundskeeping staff.

Ability to keep simple records.

Ability to do heavy physical work outdoors for long periods of time.

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The following link will provide you with general information about State of Missouri employee benefits.

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