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Grain Regulatory Auditor III

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Class Number: 
Annual Salary Range:
$40,012.00 – $63,604.00
Twice-a-Month Salary Range:
$1,667.00 – $2,651.00
Pay Grade: 

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This is supervisory technical and public contact work in conducting special investigations and audits to determine compliance with the Missouri Grain Warehouse and/or Grain Dealers Law.

An employee in this class directs and supervises the work of subordinate auditors within a designated area of the state or as otherwise assigned. Work involves training, reviewing and evaluating the assigned staff, and includes providing administrative support to the Program Administrator. In addition to independently completing complex audits, the employee will periodically accompany and observe subordinate auditors in the performance of their assigned audits. The employee will also, when directed, assemble and lead a team of auditors for unusually large or complex cases. General supervision is provided by the Program Administrator, and performance is reviewed in terms of workload size, quality and the general condition of the audit function in the area for which the employee is responsible.

Job Duties

Provides on-site supervision on more difficult investigations and audits.

Reviews information prepared by field staff to ensure that all required data is submitted.

Evaluates field staff for work methods and adherence to audit procedures and policies.

Prepares reports based on information and facts obtained through investigations and audits.

Trains subordinate Grain Regulatory Auditors.

Appears and testifies at administrative hearings and courts of law in relation to information obtained from audits and investigations.

Recommends possible revisions to appropriate statute, regulation, policy and/or procedure.

Serves as liaison to assigned legal support staff in cases which may result in litigation.

Confers with grain businesses, accountants, attorneys and the general public to explain applicable statutory and administrative regulation provisions.

Determines accuracy of grain obligation information and conformity with the provisions of the law(s) and regulations.

Discusses audit findings with grain company management; explains irregularities and recommends improved methods of record keeping.

Analyzes company information utilizing a laptop computer.

Maintains an assigned state vehicle.

Performs other related work as assigned.

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(The following minimum qualifications will determine merit system eligibility. Allowable experience and education substitutions are provided in italics below the corresponding minimum qualification statement. These minimum qualifications may also be used to evaluate applicants for Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System positions not requiring selection from merit registers.)

One year as a Grain Regulatory Auditor II or two years as a Grain Regulatory Auditor I with the Missouri Department of Agriculture.


Two years of experience in the operation or management of a grain warehouse, as a licensed grain dealer, or as a Grain Regulatory Auditor with an official state or federal agency, and graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with at least 9 semester hours in accounting or auditing. (Professional, technical or responsible public contact work in such areas as accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, business or public administration or in a closely related area may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for any deficiencies in the required education.)

Please note that documentation that supports your eligibility (i.e. transcripts, employment records, etc.) may be required at any time during the application and hiring process. If you do not possess the minimum qualifications, please consider one of many other employment opportunities with the State of Missouri.

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Key Skills

Do you possess the key skills which are considered essential for successful employment in this classification?

Thorough knowledge of state and federal laws relating to grain warehousing and merchandising.

Thorough knowledge of accounting and auditing principles, systems and procedures which are necessary in the determination of compliance with laws and regulations.

Thorough knowledge of the policies, rules and regulations established by the Department of Agriculture with respect to grain dealers and warehouses.

Considerable knowledge of the principles of effective supervision and training.

Ability to effectively plan, assign work and to train employees in work methods and investigative procedures.

Ability to interpret and apply statutes and regulations.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, grain businesses, other professionals in the grain trade, and the general public.

Ability to prepare clear, complete and concise reports.

Ability to operate a laptop computer and associated audit software.

Ability to recognize and communicate areas of non-compliance relating to the Missouri Grain Warehouse and/or Grain Dealers Law and Uniform Storage Agreement.

Ability to adapt to and work in an environment that may periodically include factors such as noise, foul air, grain dust, inclement weather, extreme heights and moving machinery.

Ability to travel extensively in the performance of assigned audits.

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