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Fuel Device Safety Specialist

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Annual Salary Range:
$36,360.00 – $57,792.00
Twice-a-Month Salary Range:
$1,515.00 – $2,408.00
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This is advanced technical and administrative work in assisting the petroleum/propane/anhydrous ammonia program administrator in the coordination, oversight and supervision of field inspections and operations.

An employee in this class provides primary assistance to the program administrator in the training and supervision of field inspection staff and the review of productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of field operations to insure the program's statutory provisions are achieved. Work involves developing and implementing initial and in-service technical training programs; accompanying and observing staff in the performance of inspections; and providing technical information and assistance to field staff, governmental entities and the regulated industry. Work also includes responsibility for initiating, overseeing and conducting investigations relating to consumer fraud and safety violations. Technical assistance and general supervision are provided by a Weights & Measures Program Administrator or other designated superior; however, the employee exercises independence and initiative in the performance of assigned responsibilities within established guidelines.

Job Duties

Oversees terminal, fuel storage, dispensing, and propane and refined fuels delivery truck inspections to insure statutory compliance with safety and meter accuracy requirements; reviews the productivity, efficiency and inspection interval of the inspection staff; reports findings and provides recommendations to the program administrator.

Provides initial orientation and training for staff; provides on-going supervision, training and evaluation; accompanies, observes and guides staff in conducting inspections.

Provides technical assistance and support to staff in the interpretation and application of statutes, rules and procedures, inspection techniques and use of equipment, investigations, and enforcement actions.

Provides technical support to the program administrator with regards to regulations and statutory provisions; inspection procedures; staff and industry training; reports and forms; development of computer-assisted terminal and delivery truck inspection programs; equipment needs; consumer, industry and manufacturer inquiries; personnel issues; and oversees the inspection program in the absence of the program administrator.

Initiates, oversees and/or conducts investigations of suspected consumer fraud; develops and implements specialized investigative techniques and procedures as necessary; coordinates the investigation and development of fraud cases with the attorney general's office; provides depositions and expert testimony in court cases with regard to consumer fraud, device or safety violations.

Issues stop sale/stop use orders against facilities cited for serious violations of state law; completes pre-hearing investigations in preparation for informal or formal administrative hearings.

Serves as liaison between the program and other state, federal and local governmental agencies.

Assists the program administrator in the development and implementation of technical manuals and employee and industry training programs.

Represents the program at speaking engagements, conventions, industry association meetings and training sessions.

Reviews and approves new or expanded fuel system installation site plans and/or blueprints; assigns the required on-site inspection to field staff and reviews the completed inspection report.

Performs other related work as assigned.

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(The following minimum qualifications will determine merit system eligibility and may be used to evaluate applicants for Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System positions not requiring selection from merit registers.)

Five years of technical experience in the propane or petroleum industry relating to the installation and repair of fuel storage, utilization and dispensing systems (i.e., pipeline and barge terminals, gasoline and propane delivery truck meters, gasoline pumps, atmospheric and pressure vessel fuel storage tanks, propane gas and petroleum piping and distribution systems, propane gas appliances, etc.); possession of a high school diploma or proof of high school equivalency.

Please note that documentation that supports your eligibility (i.e. transcripts, employment records, etc.) may be required at any time during the application and hiring process. If you do not possess the minimum qualifications, please consider one of many other employment opportunities with the State of Missouri.

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Key Skills

Do you possess the key skills which are considered essential for successful employment in this classification?

Considerable knowledge of statutes, regulations and national standards relating to fuel storage, handling, utilization and transportation.

Considerable knowledge of the procedures and techniques of conducting safety and meter accuracy inspections and the use of associated inspection equipment.

Considerable knowledge of enforcement policies, procedures and methods.

Working knowledge of volumetric testing, calculations and testing equipment, and development of volumetric testing equipment specifications.

Working knowledge of the principles of effective supervision and training.

Working knowledge of investigative techniques and procedures.

Ability to explain, interpret and enforce statutes, regulations and national standards relating to device inspection, safety and fuel quality.

Ability to develop and implement technical training programs for inspection staff and industry.

Ability to provide technical and consultative support to staff and industry.

Ability to review, interpret and evaluate staff reports, and to prepare clear and accurate reports.

Ability to supervise, train and evaluate subordinate staff.

Ability to conduct cooperative investigations with other state and federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies, to properly document investigative findings, and to present such findings and testimony in hearings and court as necessary.

Ability to represent the program and make public presentations with regard to public safety, device inspections and consumer fraud issues.

Ability to work in a potentially hazardous environment (fumes, leaks and the potential for fire/explosion).

Ability to travel extensively in the performance of assigned job duties.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, regulated entities, industry representatives and state, federal and local government agencies.

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