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Missouri State Employee Recognition Week

What is State Employee Recognition Week (SERW)?

Each year, the State of Missouri sets aside a special State Employee Recognition Week (SERW) to recognize and showcase the combined efforts all State agencies put forth to enhance and improve the quality of life for Missouri citizens.

This week is also a time to recognize and thank the outstanding state employees we work with every day – people who have chosen to make a career of public service.  Each manager, supervisor and employee, whether behind the scenes, or out in front, is the face that Missourians turn to for help and assistance.  This week should remind us of the dedication it takes to fulfill each agency’s mission, and the pride employees take in the work they do.

During this week, leadership – State executives, managers and supervisors – should do something that they are hopefully doing every day – show their appreciation in special ways to co-workers and colleagues for their dedication; and share stories of service excellence with others, both inside and outside State government.

The Office of Administration encourages each State agency to observe this week by highlighting their employee’s accomplishments, and by providing appropriate recognition activities (large or small) best suited and accessible to all the employees in the agency. 

To find out how each state agency has recognized their employees during SERW, or may recognize their employees in the future, contact the agency coordinator.