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Financial Management Advisory Committee (FMAC)



The State of Missouri’s Financial Management Advisory Committee (FMAC) was created in 1982 as a forum for state financial managers to:

  • share information,
  • coordinate best practices,
  • review policies and procedures, and
  • recommend effective statewide financial management systems.

Chair - Felicia Hubble, OA/Accounting

Past Chairs

  • FY 14-FY 16-Dwayne Rasmussen, OA
  • FY 13-Cyndi Voss, MDC
  • FY 12-Theresa McDonald, DSS
  • FY 11-Sherry Hess, DIFP
  • FY 10-Diane Riddle, MGC
  • FY 09-Jayne Masek, DOC
  • FY 08-Renee Godsey, DHSS
  • FY 07-Becky Imhoff, DOR
  • FY 06-Nicole Hackmann, STO
  • FY 05-Brian Kinkade, DSS
  • FY 04-Andrea Beck, DESE
  • FY 03-Laverne Brondel, DNR
  • FY 02-Debbie Ferguson, MGC

Contact Information

Division of Accounting
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Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 751-2971
(573) 526-9810