Purchasing and Travel Cards


Online Tools

Cardholder Training

Each new cardholder is required to complete training prior to receiving a purchasing card.  In addition, each cardholder is required to complete training on an annual basis.  Unless otherwise directed by your Agency Purchasing Card Coordinator, please use the following link for the purchasing card training:

To receive credit for completing the purchasing card training, you must complete a quiz using the following link:

If you receive a 75% or higher on the quiz, the Statewide  Purchasing Card Coordinator will send you a certificate of completion.  This certificate of completion must be signed by the cardholder and the Statewide Purchasing Card Coordinator and then returned to the Agency Purchasing Card Coordinator.

Please note the quiz session will expire after a certain period of time or if there were problems with your internet connection.  If you receive an error message, you will need to retake the quiz.

Please contact pcard@oa.mo.gov if you have any questions.


CommercialCard is a web-based tool which provides for real-time electronic transaction and billing information to cardholders and program coordinators, allows access to 4 months of statement cycles, and all unbilled transactions for the current cycle. CommercialCard also provides electronic statements for cardholders or administrators with an automated email alert sent to notify the user when the statement is ready to be viewed or printed.

Visa Information Management

Visa Information Management offers a single, convenient, and secure web-based solution for managing your Agency Purchasing Card program. The comprehensive offering provides tools that integrate your Agency’s spending data and organizes it into usable reports and information for tacking expenses, managing supplier relationships, and facilitating regulatory and tax compliance. In addition, you can set administrative functions based on agency and business needs.

UMB Bank

Visit UMB Bank online.

For lost or stolen cards, please call 1-800-821-5184.