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Purchasing and Travel Cards


Cardholder Training

Each new cardholder is required to complete training prior to receiving a purchasing card.  In addition, each cardholder is required to complete training on an annual basis.  Unless otherwise directed by your Agency Purchasing Card Coordinator, please use the following link for the purchasing card training:

To receive credit for completing the purchasing card training, you must complete a quiz using the following link:

Helpful hints for completing the cardholder quiz:

  • Cardholders are required to enter their legal name, which should agree to their card name.
  • Cardholders are required to enter their email address (the work email address is recommended).  To receive the certificate, cardholders should ensure the email address entered is accurate and complete.
  • Choose the "Cardholder" selection box under "Type of Quiz".
  • The quiz session will expire after 60 minutes of inactivity or if there were problems with your internet connection.  If you receive an error message, you will need to retake the quiz.

Quiz Results

  • If you receive a 75% or higher on the quiz, an automated email will be sent to you with your results and a Certificate of Completion.  The Certificate of Completion must be signed by the cardholder and submitted to the Agency Purchasing Card Coordinator.
  • If you receive a score of less than 75%, you will receive an automated email letting you know you must retake the quiz.