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Frequently Asked Questions (Political Subdivisions)


Q:  How can I get a copy of our 218 Agreement?

A:  Email the State Administrator at with your entity name and we'll email you a .pdf copy of the agreement.

Q:  We just received the verification notice. What does this mean?

A:  The State Administrator is updating our database to have current information.  This has not been done for several years so most information could be out of date in our files.  Complete the form and return it to our office.

Q:  We don’t recall having a 218 agreement. What does this change on our coverage?

A:  The verification changes nothing.  If you received a verification notice, you already have a coverage agreement.

Q:  What employees might be excluded from Social Security under our 218 agreement?

A:  If you had a retirement system in place at the time your agreement was made, you may have some employees excluded from Social Security coverage, depending on how your agreement was stated, and their position.  If you did not have a retirement system at the time of your agreement, then all your employees are covered by Social Security.  It is best to contact the State Administrator for details regarding your entity, if you are unsure.

Q:  Can we opt out of Social Security coverage since we have a 218 agreement?

A:  No, the agreements are irrevocable and cannot be terminated under federal law.

Q:  How does having a 218 agreement affect our LAGERS retirement?

A:  There is no affect to your current retirement plan. If your entity moves to a tier that is considered a Social Security equivalent, because you have a 218 agreement, you would continue to contribute into Social Security