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Missouri Office of Administration celebrates 50th anniversary of its founding; Governor Mike Parson presents proclamation recognizing agency milestone

February 22, 2023

 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Office of Administration (OA) is celebrating 50 years as a state executive agency in Missouri. Created by the Missouri General Assembly on January 15, 1973, OA serves as the administrative and managerial arm of the Office of the Governor and coordinates the central management functions of state government. At a ceremony in Jefferson City, Governor Mike Parson presented a proclamation to the OA team members recognizing this important milestone.

“Since its implementation, the Office of Administration has become such an integral part in making state government operate effectively,” said Governor Parson. “The talent that makes up this department are some of the best and brightest. Milestones like this are a time to show recognition for our past accomplishments and appreciation to the hardworking men and women who continue to strive to make government better for Missourians.”

OA performs vital functions necessary for the operation of state government, from centralized accounting, budgeting, information technology, and procurement services to maintenance of state buildings, management of personnel classification, and beyond. The consolidation of resources into OA has made it possible to save citizen dollars in the provision of government services.

The collaborative efforts of OA have aided in the delivery of essential services to Missouri citizens, including in crises such as fires, floods, tornadoes, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The diverse and essential work of OA enhances state government operations for the benefit of all, both within and outside government.

“Since my time as the Commissioner of the Office of Administration, I have come to work alongside some of the brightest and most dedicated team members in Missouri,” said Commissioner Ken Zellers, Office of Administration. “Even during challenging times that no one could have expected or planned for, our team members in OA rose to the occasion responding to crises with bravery and expertise. Because of our team members, we get better every day making this state a great place to work, grow, and raise a family.”

OA is made up of seven divisions, and a collective of OA boards, commissions, and programs. From managing state operations and increasing efficiencies across state government, team members throughout OA are essential to making a lasting impact across state government.

Many of the state programs under OA are focused on recruitment, retention, professional development, and the overall appreciation of our workforce and the communities we serve. Programs like Missouri Leadership Academy, MO Learning, Show Me Challenge, and Operational Excellence serve as a catalyst for OA’s mission at creating greater efficiencies, better government, and focusing on our team member’s professional development.

The creation of MO Careers in 2020 allowed job applicants a one stop shop for finding a career in Missouri state government. Since its implementation, the website now includes job openings from more than 24 agencies across all three branches of government.

Another program, the Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign (MSECC), was established in 1985 to provide a single unified fundraising campaign allowing state employees to contribute to qualified charitable organizations. Since the inception of the annual campaign, state employees have donated more than $34.5 million to charities statewide, showcasing a history of philanthropy and a spirit of service throughout the State of Missouri.

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