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Office of Administration announces state's transfer of Missouri State Penitentiary property to City of Jefferson

August 3, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY – The Office of Administration today announced that 32 acres of the 128-acre Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) property has been officially transferred from the State of Missouri to the City of Jefferson. The much-anticipated property transfer now means the city can move forward with plans to turn its portion of MSP into a local attraction to boost the local and state economy.

“The successful transfer of this property signifies the commitment of our state to our Capital City and its local economy,” Gov. Mike Parson said. “Tourism plays an important role in our state’s economy, and we are proud to support the preservation of this historic structure, which presents a great opportunity for economic development for the city and the state.”

“This transfer represents the culmination of a great deal of work between the State of Missouri, the City of Jefferson and Cole County across multiple administrations. The old prison is a central Missouri jewel, bringing in visitors from across the state and nation, and this transfer ensures continued economic development on the property,” Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe said. “I am excited about what this will do for the prison and for Jefferson City, and I am grateful to the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce, and many others who helped make this a reality.” 

“On behalf of the City of Jefferson, I want to thank Gov. Parson and the State of Missouri for partnering with the city to successfully carry out the transfer of this property to the city,” Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin said. “The support of the governor and the state means a great deal to the city and our local economy and tourism. The historic Missouri State Penitentiary holds an irreplaceable role in the state's history. We look forward in the future to developing the 32 acres into a site all can be proud of.”

“The State of Missouri is very pleased to be a part of this exciting project for Jefferson City and Missouri,” Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman said. “Collaboration between the city and state helped make this a successful project, which will ultimately lead to greater tourism not only for the city, but also for our state.”

“The transfer of 32 acres from the state to the City of Jefferson means a dream shared by so many in our local community is on its way to becoming a reality,” Rep. Mike Bernskoetter said. “I’m proud to have helped champion this project in the legislature and state government. This vital step in the project signals a revitalization of the historic Missouri State Penitentiary property and economic progress for our city, county, and state.”

The city and state have identified a number of uses for the 32-acre property in an agreement between the two entities. Potential uses for the site will be contemplated by the Missouri State Penitentiary Community Partners, consisting of representatives from the City of Jefferson, Cole County, State of Missouri, Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce.