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Office of Administration holds ceremony for 2022 State Team Member of the Month and Award of Distinction Honorees

June 27, 2023

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Office of Administration recognized the efforts of state team members across state agencies today by holding a reception honoring the 2022 State Team Member of the Month and Award of Distinction recipients at the Runge Nature Center in Jefferson City. Commissioner Ken Zellers opened the ceremony applauding the efforts of our state workforce who continue to enhance and improve the quality of life for Missouri citizens with their commitment to public service.

"Our state team members honored today exemplify the qualities and values we hold dear as an organization and have made a lasting impact in the lives of others,” said Office of Administration Commissioner Ken Zellers. “Their exceptional work ethic, innovative mindset, and unwavering commitment to serving our community have made a significant impact on both our agency and the people we serve. Through their efforts, they have consistently demonstrated the highest levels of performance.”

The State Team Member of the Month recipients are recognized for providing outstanding service as a state team member for the citizens of Missouri. The Award of Distinction is given to individuals or groups who go above and beyond their normal job duties in the categories of heroism, human relations, innovation, leadership, public service, and safety.

2022 State Team Member of the Month Honorees

Ranger Erika Burns, Department of Natural Resources (January)

Danny Counts, Department of Natural Resources (February)

Fred Purviance, Department of Mental Health (March)

Heidi Rice, Department of Natural Resources (April)

Patricia Gibbens, Department of Social Services (May)

Corporal Nola Bax and Agent Joseph Matherne, Department of Public Safety (June)

Corporal Steve Jabben, Department of Natural Resources (July)

Tracy Parker, Department of Natural Resources (August)

Samantha Brown, Department of Social Services (September)

Melissa Friel and Sergeant Timmy Shoop, Department of Public Safety (October)

Vicki Voigt, Department of Natural Resources (November)

Ed Randolph, Wyatt Thompson, and Hunter Wissbaum, Department of Transportation (December)

2022 Award of Distinction Honorees

Chief Zim Schwartze, Department of Public Safety, Heroism

Elizabeth Page, Department of Social Services, Human Relations

Aaron Szapa, Department of Natural Resources, Innovation

Virginia Beatty, Department of Health & Senior Services, Leadership

Leslie St. Clair, Department Social Services, Leadership

Glenn Konersmann, Department of Transportation, Public Service

Both the Missouri State Team Member of the Month program and the Missouri State Team Member Award of Distinction program are administered by the Office of Administration/Division of Personnel.

You can learn more about the 2022 Award of Distinction recipient's here.