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State of Missouri concludes final The Missouri Way training session for 2019, prepares for more sessions in the New Year

November 15, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY – The State of Missouri concluded today its final The Missouri Way advanced management training class for this year. About 190 senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and other emerging leaders from across the state attended. Since the program started in August 2018, more than 1,800 State of Missouri leaders have completed the program. This progress surpassed the program’s original goal of training 1,000 team members by the end of 2019.

“Being a good leader isn’t always about being the best. It’s about making the people around you better,” Governor Mike Parson said. “That’s what The Missouri Way is all about – helping our leaders help their teams improve.”

The Missouri Way is an intensive three-day program designed to introduce senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and other emerging leaders in all 16 executive departments to approaches to lead change and improve their team’s performance.

The state is planning to continue the program in 2020. More than 1,500 team members are scheduled to participate.

“Governor Parson and his Cabinet team are committed to transforming how our government works for the citizens of Missouri,” said State of Missouri Chief Operating Officer Drew Erdmann. “This is about getting back to basics. The Missouri Way gives our leaders time tested approaches to improve themselves as leaders, their teams, and their departments.”

“The Missouri Way has made a difference in our Department of Revenue. We are working tirelessly to give our team members the skills and tools they need to get better every day in order to enhance the overall citizen customer experience,” said Ken Zellers, director of the Department of Revenue. “The Missouri Way is — and will continue to be — important to our continuous improvement.”

“This year, the Department of Economic Development and three other departments underwent a historic reorganization. Success required our leadership team, managers, and supervisors to design and then implement fundamental changes in how our department does business,” said Rob Dixon, director of the Department of Economic Development. “The Missouri Way experience helped our team make the transition and deliver greater impact for our citizens.”

“As we make historic changes in the Department of Conservation so it remains relevant in the 21st century, our team has drawn upon the lessons learned at The Missouri Way,” said Sara Parker Pauley, director of the Department of Conservation. “Learning alongside colleagues from other departments has helped our team make our department even stronger.”

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