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The Leadership Library is a forum where members of our State of Missouri team - from all agencies and from all levels - share books, articles, videos, and other sources that inspire them to think and do differently.

The Library aims to share great ideas to help us better lead ourselves, our teams, and our organizations to serve the citizens of Missouri and make our state stronger.

The Library's collection will grow every week, so please come back regularly.

Start With Why Book Cover
Book (with additional video)
Recommended by: Rob Dixon, Director, Department of Economic Development
Why an organization’s “Why” shapes its success
When Pride Still Mattered Book cover
Book (with additional video)
Recommended by: Sarah Steelman, Commissioner, Office of Administration
The story of a master coach and how he built commitment, confidence, and winning teams.
Moneyball cover
Book (with additional video)
Recommended by: Drew Erdmann, Chief Operating Officer, Office of the Governor
How an insider overturned “conventional wisdom” and revolutionized how people understand good performance.
The Change Agent's Guide to Radical Improvement book cover
Recommended by: Tammy Cavender, Deputy Director, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
How to make organizational change for sustained improvement
Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
Book (with additional video)
Recommended by: Colleen Dowd, Planning Unit Manager, Department of Corrections
Learning to give feedback is the critical skill for leading successful teams
A Passion for Leadership book cover
Recommended by: Eric Greitens, Governor
Practical wisdom from fifty years of experience on how to change your organization

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