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The Executive Pay Plan


The positions of specified Department Directors, Deputy Department Directors, Division Directors and Principal Assistants to certain Board’s and Commissions are included in the Executive Pay Plan.  The duties of these positions are described in a questionnaire completed by the incumbent and/or the incumbent’s supervisor.  The questionnaire is submitted to the Personnel Advisory Board for review and approval, to determine the appropriate Executive Pay range for the position.  Division of Personnel classification staff conduct the evaluation for each position.  The evaluation includes an assessment of the education, training, experience and related qualifications to perform the work, the complexity of the duties of the position, the impact of decisions, the type of supervision under which the incumbent performs, the scope of supervision provided by the position and the amount of the agency’s budget under the direct control of the position.  Along with these factors an overview of the whole job is assessed to determine the appropriate executive level pay range. The results of this evaluation are submitted to the Personnel Advisory Board for review and approval.  Upon approval by the Board, a recommendation is submitted from the Personnel Advisory Board to the Commissioner of Administration.  The Commissioner approves the final salary range proposed for the position, and notifies the agency of the decision. The agency then may make an appointment to the position within the minimum and maximum rates established for the approved pay range.

Executive Pay Ranges as of January 1, 2019

Executive Level Minimum Maximum
I $87,554 $148,883
II $74,513 $126,703
III $67,324 $107,699
IV $50,812 $80,986
V $45,052 $71,727