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Agency Procurement Staff


This is a listing of other state agencies' purchasing staff. This listing only contains the name, agency, telephone number and e-mail address of the procurement officer for each agency.

Agency Procurement Staff

Agriculture Laura Barry 573-751-5631
Attorney General Melissa Kampeter 573-751-9332
Auditor's Office Sheila Roberts 573-751-5036
Commerce and Insurance Grady Martin 573-751-7223
Commerce and Insurance - Credit Unions Debbie Davis 573-751-1669
Commerce and Insurance - Finance Janet Wilhelm 573-751-8585
Commerce and Insurance - Insurance / Office of the Public Counsel Kyle Lootens 573-751-1948
Commerce and Insurance - Professional Registration Sherry Hess 573-526-3507
Commerce and Insurance - Public Service Commission Rob Verslues 573-751-3375
Conservation Jessica Fick 573-522-4115
Corrections Beth Lambert 573-526-6494
Economic Development Stacey Hirst 573-526-7863
Elementary & Secondary Education Sandy Withers 573-751-4463
Elementary & Secondary Education, Vocational Rehabilitation Paul DiBello 573-526-7059
Governor's Office Michelle Hallford 573-751-5261
Health and Senior Services Shalonda Graham 573-522-5830
Higher Education and Workforce Development Rachel Hogrefe 573-751-3400
Highway Patrol Donna Nitsch 573-526-6173
Labor & Industrial Relations Tammy Patterson 573-751-9565
Lottery Commission, MO State Shelly Drake 573-526-7472
Lt. Governor's Office Todd Mayfield 573-751-4727
Mental Health Corey Duemmel 573-751-3081
MOSERS (MO State Employees' Retirement System) Martha Francis 573-632-6100
MOSERS (MO State Employees' Retirement System) David Meyer 573-632-6125
MVE (Missouri Vocational Enterprises) Andy Stoecklein 573-522-9774
Natural Resources Mike Zielinski 573-751-6758
Office of Administration, Div. of Accounting Felicia Hubble 573-751-4351
Office of Administration, Div. of Facilities Management
Design & Construction
Chapter 34 Contracts Unit for Building Operations
Jason Kolks 573-508-8247
Office of Administration, Div. of Facilities Management
Design & Construction
Chapter 8 Capital Improvements Contracts
Becky Mitchell 573-751-8884
Office of Administration, Information Technology Services Division Angela Sutton 573-751-7237
Office of Administration, Office of Equal Opportunity Danielle Briot 573-751-9868
Public Safety Chris Terry 573-526-5394
Revenue Laura Stark 573-751-1760
Secretary of State Sally Peters 573-751-3964
Social Services Wade McDonald 573-751-7261
State Courts Administrator Aimee Kunze 573-526-8356
State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) Nikol Enyart 573-508-3265
State Public Defender Cyndee Brashears 573-882-9855
State Tax Commission Melina Scheperle 573-751-1724
Supreme Court Mike Hancock 573-751-7311
Transportation (MODOT) Jeff Ball 573-526-7930
Treasurer's Office Tammy Polacek 573-751-4975
Veterans Commission Reva Hutchison 573-522-4226
Harris-Stowe State University Barbara Morrow 314-340-5763
Lincoln University, Purchasing Cathie Frede 573-681-5415
MO Southern State University Cindi Fletcher 417-625-9561
MO State University Carol Plymire 417-836-6835
MO Western State University Letha Nold 816-271-4582
Northwest MO State University Alyssa Pulley 660-562-1571
Southeast MO State University Lynda Seabaugh 573-651-2588
State Technical College of Missouri Jenny Jacobs 573-897-5147
Truman State University Kim Murphy 660-785-4000
University of Central MO Procurement 660-543-4001

Contact Information

Division of Purchasing
301 West High Street, Room 630
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 751-2387
(573) 526-9815