Budget & Planning Contacts

Name Titlesort descending Phone
Fax Number
Main Number
Verslues, Gina Accounting Analyst
McQuary, Pamela Administrative Assistant
Mills, Marianne Assistant Director for Budget
Roberts, Tony Assistant Director for Planning
Bess, Matt BRASS System Administrator
Sweetwood, Matt Budget Analyst/Agriculture, Natural Resources & Conservation, Elected Officials, General Assembly
Miller, Kim Budget Analyst/Economic Development/Labor and Industrial Relations
Bramlett, Chris Budget Analyst/Elementary and Secondary Education
Pringer, Jeana Budget Analyst/Higher Education, Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration
Lensing, Daniel Budget Analyst/Mental Health, Health and Senior Services
McFadden, Angela Budget Analyst/Office of Administration, Public Debt, Retirement, Revenue
Mould, Sandra Budget Analyst/Public Safety
Dietterle, Luke Budget Analyst/Social Services
Windom, Phillip Budget Analyst/Social Services - MHND/Medicaid
Enlow, Karen Budget Analyst/Transportation, Corrections, Judiciary, Public Defender
Hope, Melissa Budget and Planning, Planner and Budget Analyst
Haug, Dan Budget Director
Lewis, Jennifer Economist
Brooke, Jacob Legislative Coordinator
Highland, Melanie Section Manager
Highfill, Kevin Section Manager
Thompson, Christine Section Manager
Hesser, Matt State Demographer
Farley, Jessica Support Assistant/Fiscal Officer
Sala, Cathy Support Assistant/Legislative