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Building Closures & Notifications

There are no office closures at this time.

To increase efficiency in state government, all Missourians may call 888-390-9927 toll free for an updated announcement of state office building closures. This hotline provides a tool to inform both citizens and employees of building closures, or if hours are extended in the event of an emergency or safety threat. The toll free number is informational only and will not accept messages from callers for follow-up.

When accessing the hotline, callers will be greeted with a generic message when all state office buildings are open for business. In the event that buildings need to be closed for any reason, building closures will be listed in the message to include the building name and the city/county affected.

For more information, contact the Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction (FMDC) at 573-751-3339.