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Housekeeping Services


When do we clean your building?

Most of the work is done between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., nightly. There are areas cleaned (highly staffed, highly visited buildings) in an ongoing manner between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. using day porters/matrons.

How do we clean your buildings?

Do little elves come in at night and "poof" the building is clean? No, we have Janitorial Contract Companies who employ hundreds of people to come in after hours to clean your buildings. Please be considerate of these hard working "invisible people", while working in your office or work area. Someone must clean up every spill, paper clip, staple or piece of paper. Remember it is your work area, take pride in your area and help us keep it a safe, clean place to work.

Facilities Management, Design and Construction has Housekeepers, Custodial Work Supervisors and Custodial Worker II's doing inspections of the buildings to insure Custodial Contractors are keeping the buildings clean. Housekeepers and Custodial Work Supervisors also help to coordinate cleaning projects with the building occupants.

Cleaning personnel are instructed not to move items on desks or personal items in your work area in order to dust/clean. They will clean open areas and desks that have been cleared. Some people prefer to dust their own desk or area where personal items are located rather than remove the items.

Carpet Extraction

Office area carpet extraction is done semi-annually.

High traffic areas are scheduled more frequently (hallways, elevators, dining/break areas, conference rooms, etc).

When you are notified that carpet extraction is scheduled in your area, we ask that boxes be moved from the floor to insure water or moisture doesn't damage these items. Removal of items from the floor also makes carpeted areas more easily accessible to the cleaning personnel.

Vinyl Floor Care

Vinyl floor work (strip and wax) is performed on a semi-annual basis. During this process all wax is removed from vinyl flooring using specialized chemicals called "strippers". When strippers are applied to waxed vinyl floor surfaces, vinyl flooring becomes "dangerously slick". Caution-tape and wet floor signs are used to cordon off the area being waxed. Please avoid trafficking through vinyl flooring while stripping and waxing is being performed.

Light scrub and re-coat is scheduled on a monthly basis. Vinyl flooring is scrubbed and re-coated (the wax finish is lightly scrubbed using a mild cleaning solution and scrub pads to remove dirt and film from flooring). When the floor is dry one coat of wax (floor finish) is applied. As mentioned above, the floor can become slick. Avoid the area when possible.

Window Washing

A "Window Washing Contractor" contracts exterior window washing. Exterior windows includes the inside and outside of the exterior windows of the building. Window washing is scheduled for once a year; some areas may be cleaned more frequent. When notified that window washing is scheduled, please remove all items from windowsills.

Our janitorial contractors in each building clean interior glass. This service is scheduled on a quarterly basis. Per building policy, items are not be affixed to glass.

Pest Control

The best pest control measure is to keep food supply to a minimum. By keeping food in airtight containers and spilled or dropped food cleaned up bugs and rodents will not find food in your workspace and will find another home.

We always try non-chemical glue traps and/or bait traps first. A mild chemical may be used on request, as a last resort. Of course, treatment depends on the type of infestation.


All of our custodial contract employees are required to have pre-approved background checks prior to being assigned to state buildings.

Custodial contract employees are instructed not to open entrance doors for anyone to gain entry to the building after hours.

Employees will have their company identification and/or uniforms (tee shirt, smock, vest, apron, etc.) Capitol Police is supplied with an employee roster for each custodial contract company per building.

Building tenants should report all thefts to Capitol Police.

All custodial contract companies desiring to work on weekends and holidays must have prior-approval through Facilities Management, Design and Construction. Capitol Police is notified of weekend and holiday activity.

Custodial contract employees are instructed not to use or tamper with office equipment or phones. Any such incidence should be reported.

Who do I call if there is a problem?

All custodial concerns can be directed to the Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction at 751-2624. However, tenants are encouraged to contact their agency's designated contact for reporting cleaning concerns.