Budget & Payment Services Unit


The Budget and Payment Services Unit pays rental costs for all real property leases under the management of the Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction - Real Estate Services Section (FMDC/Real Estate Services).

In addition, at the request of tenants, the unit serves as facility coordinator for all multi-tenant facilities. This involves processing all monthly payments for multi-tenant facilities including rents, utilities, janitorial services and other shared costs. FMDC/Leasing pays these bills via the Office of Administration Revolving Administrative Trust Fund and then invoices tenant-agencies who reimburse the fund. This service also involves administering all janitorial contracts for multi-tenant leases. Contract administration includes bidding all contracts under $25,000, conducting pre-bid walkthroughs, evaluating all bids, providing inspection services and resolving disputes between vendors and tenants. Contracts over $25,000 are required to be administered by the Office of Administration, Division of Purchasing and Materials Management (OA/DPMM).

The Payment Services Unit also works closely with Budget and Planning and other state agencies to review and recommend items for inclusion in the Governor's statewide leasing budget.


For Lease/Janitorial/Utility Payments Contact:

Leesa Love
Accountant I
(573) 526-0128

For Inter-Agency Billings To Non-state Tenants Contact:

Bonnie Steenburgen
Accountant II
(573) 526-6893

For Janitorial Services Information Contact:

Amy Raymo
Facilities Operations Manager
(573) 526-5791