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Budget & Payment Services Unit


The Budget and Payment Services Unit pays rental costs for all real property leases under the management of the Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction.

In addition, at the request of tenants, the unit serves as facility coordinator for all multi-tenant facilities. This involves processing all monthly payments for multi-tenant facilities including rents, utilities, janitorial services and other shared costs. FMDC/Leasing pays these bills via the Office of Administration Revolving Administrative Trust Fund and then invoices tenant-agencies who reimburse the fund. This service also involves administering all janitorial contracts for multi-tenant leases. Contract administration includes bidding all contracts under $25,000, conducting pre-bid walk-throughs, evaluating all bids, providing inspection services and resolving disputes between vendors and tenants. Contracts over $25,000 are required to be administered by the Office of Administration, Division of Purchasing and Materials Management (OA/DPMM).

The Payment Services Unit also works closely with Budget and Planning and other state agencies to review and recommend items for inclusion in the Governor's statewide leasing budget.


For Lease/Janitorial/Utility Payments Contact:

Lynne Kempker
Fiscal & Administrative Manager
(573) 751-7835 or

For Inter-Agency Billings To Non-state Tenants Contact:

Bonnie Steenburgen
(573) 526-6893 or

For Janitorial Services Information Contact:

Custodial Contract Services Map